Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wishing you all the Centenary year for International Women's Day

Hi Readers,

 Wish you all the Centenary year for International Women's day. Don't know what could be a better starting for this post, so just jotting down few facts about IWD. I was not knowing why we celebrate this Day and how the celebration came into existence till today morning. Not sure if some of you are like me who just go on celebrating such days, without even giving a thought about its existence. So, I thought its better to jot down few things of its existence to help people like me.

International Women's Day celebration started in 1900's and came to mass celebration worldwide from 1911. And from that day on this is celebrated every year on March 8th. Thus, making century this year. This started with first international women's conference that was held at Copenhagen in the year 1910. In this summit it was proposed to conduct International Women's Day , which was then celebrated every year from 1911.

At first this Day came into existence to propose and work for well being and social upliftment of women worldwide, and also to recognise Women who made a difference and achieved for not just themselves but for the world.

In today's world, this day is official holiday in many of the eastern European countries and Soviet Union countries. In many parts of the world, its celebrated in a way similar to Mothers Day and Valentines Day.

Now, lets talk how we celebrate it in India. Adds coming up in TV informs us about this Day. Official mails from HR team also informs us about it. There is few celebration and rewards and recognition ceremonies especially for Women held in companies. Apart from that men and women wish women this day. However, there is no exchange of gifts and other celebrations like Valentines Day or Mothers Day.I wish there should be something to reward and recognise the WOMEN who are working and contributing towards social causes.

I remember my first Women's Day celebration in IBM. Now, going to share that with you all. The mail from HR stated to wear only yellow, green or purple colour dresses and gather in the cafearia in the morning hours. Well, my team asked me to come in Saree and as a new joinee I had no idea what to do, though I had no saree with me at that time. So, I ended up wearing my favourite yellow Salwar Kameez to office. There, was a group of HR team (Women HR only) who were organising the event. We had some foreign delegates (IBMers from US) as the chief guest. All these ladies who spoke that day had more than 25 yrs of experience with IBM. They all narrated their journey in IBM. Some of them made it too interesting by adding their experience in overcoming hurdles specially to balance both professional and personal life. At that moment, I was just a month old in IBM and had no knowledge how difficult it could be to balance everything.

Though I learnt very few things from them, but had wonderful time watching my colleagues and getting inspired by their persona. The celebration ended with snacks servings along with gifts. Now, lets talk about today's celebration. While entering office the security personnel wished me "Happy Women's Day" with a rose gift. I missed the last years chocolate  as I was late. :(  Then got many invites from HR team for the days celebration that had funny competition of dress designing and mehndi competition. Wah Wah, it sounds so silly to mark these occasion. However, it was literally fun to watch the participants and get involved with them. I ended up giving away the prizes to winners of Mehndi competition. Ha ha ha.. Don't know if ever I can really give away prizes for some good cause though. I was really happy to give away them as I believe this was a great opportunity for me to do so. Ha ha ha..

Anyway, the Day is coming to an end and many ideas are popping up in my little mind which says to make this Day, much more beautiful, do something to make a difference.However, there are many if and buts also.

I eventually thought to dedicate today's post to some women achiever, then thought that will be like dragging too much this Women's Day. Got confused as to what to write and ended up writing this silly passage.


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