Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Excitement and depression

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After a long gap I am back again with another post. As in my previous posts, I read one article couple of days back, about excitement and depression. People who get excited and show their happiness with full joy, soon fall into trap of depression. Excitement and depression are two sides of same coin. So, when you are happy or excited, it has to follow soon with depression. Human mind changes, but human nature seeks excitement always.

Now a days, the popular saying is unless life is exciting, it is dull and boring. All of us want to lead a life of excitement. However, mind changes from excitement to depression soon. Depression follows excitement. The people who swing between excitement and depression, often loose concentration. When the mind is agitated, attention is scattered, hence it is difficult to concentrate. Therefore, people who are prone to cycle of excitement and depression find it hard to be effective at work.

Most people have little objection in getting excited. It is excitement's morbid sibling that we never want to see. To be able to keep away from depression we have to learn to keep our mind at an even kneel.

Traditionally, this transition from excitement to depression is known as Evil eye.

Why and what is this evil eye? We all know we see the world around us in the way we are by nature. However, all human beings are not same. Some people are bad, in the sense they have more negativity and less positivism. So, when we are happy and excited these people, actually become jealous of our happiness. What causes this? Their unhappiness. Actually, they are not happy with them self, their circumstances, so when someone in front of them stands happy, cheerful, and exhibits love and harmony, they become envious. They exhibit this envious and that negativity affects our happiness. Mostly, when our human mind transitions from excitement to depression, it comes through people. When we are happy and excited, we show our enthusiasm to others, and some people comment, some gossip or say such things that pinches, which helps our mind to transit from excitement to depression.

This is the reason why our elder's advise us to remain calm and in same pace in all situations. Situations, be it good or bad will change, will pass because CHANGE is constant. So, not to be very excited when happy or not to be too depressed when sad. Life will move in it own pace and soon things will change.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Spiritual text and Spiritual preachers

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Yesterday, while going through speaking tree section of Times of India, as always I read and understood many subtle facts of life. I read a passage from Osho on "Love and hatred", then I read another article of Swami Nityananda on Yoga and Mind. These preachers have left their families, their parents, their siblings and many of their loved near and dear ones. They stay alone or with their followers in Ashram. However, all of them are well versed about the subtle meaning of life. They understand suffering and can beautifully make a large mass of people understand and agree to what they say.

Looking at Lord Gautam Buddha, who left the pleasurable life of a King in search of suffering, he came back with a golden understanding of all our sufferings. One question erupted in my mind about these wonderful spiritual leaders. How they could understand human life, its sufferings and subtle meaning of everything that passes through human being? How they get the right words to explain all these phenomena? And why after actually suffering and going through these pains in daily life, we do not understand Life's subtle meaning? Why even after getting lot of lesson's from our daily life, we suffer inside our mind? Why we are so attached to everything , every feeling good or bad? And how these blessed individual not only understand these basic rules of life, but also help us in removing all kind of suffering.

I do not know why these Guru's had to live an ascetic life, when they understand this world so very beautifully. Had they taken up worldly life, they could have been successful in keeping everyone around them happy. However, this is a biggest contrast in itself that we who do not understand worldly life, we do not interpret suffering but still lead  this life. Those who really understood it, have taken a life of asceticism.

I read out Buddha's teachings, Chankaya's teaching, all sort of Hindu scriptures so far. All of them explain how we should nurture our mind and body that it gives us strength and courage to overcome troubles. I liked Buddha's simple way and I like these spiritual Guru's article that gets published in everyday newspaper.

Some of our near and dear one's suggest following one Guru, but I choose to follow all of them via newspaper. There is no harm following and understanding  what they have to say. Many a times, I get my answers, in these news paper and I feel as if someone knew my questions and have made effort to explain me the subtle meaning.

If some of you feel in a similar manner, my simple and easy solution is to open the spiritual column first thing in morning. Go through thought of the day, and the Guru's who have expressed their views on worldly life. This is one therapy to calm mind and get courageous to start a new day of your life.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Is it easy to forgive? How to make it easier?

Hi Readers,

After a long time again I am back with an emotional subject "Forgiveness". Is it easy to forgive? Please ask yourself is it easy? We have judiciary system in place which ensures punishment for any wrong deed. Then where is forgiveness.

Forgiveness is talked about when someone does wrong to you, have hurt you badly. It could be anyone but the subject is mostly emotional. It has no materialistic object attached to it. Someone be it your parent, sibling, friend or a companion who has broken the soft line of trust, there it is expected that you forgive that individual and move ahead peacefully.

We need to forgive someone not for that individual but for our self, because that liberates from a burden. It is always easier said than done.  When an individual realizes their mistake and ensures he/she apologize for the same, it becomes easier for the other individual to forgive. But, when someone hurts you, but behaves as if it was alright, then it becomes really very difficult to forgive.

In today's age as we are becoming impatient and  vulnerable to not take a NO as an answer, forgiveness is also not coming to us easily. But, we all make mistakes.We make mistakes, but do we apologize? When we sincerely apologize before someone, that person certainly feels good, a little better that you have at-least realized your mistake. Just like touching someone's feet in Indian custom or greeting someone as you meet, make the other individual to bless you or to suppress their anger. In a similar way when you seek forgiveness, when you offer sincere apology, it reduces the pain you have caused in first place. The person might not immediately forgive, but definitely would take your apology and would feel better than before.

Speaking logically, we have judiciary system which ensures punishment  for wrong deeds mostly materialistic, but in case of emotions, there is no such rule to punish anyone. Only thing is it can rule a separation. But, separation does not punish anyone. If at all it punishes, it is for both individual. Emotions cannot be counted with money, so what would be the best punishment. Is this not a flaw in judiciary? And how do we decide what affects whom. How can we decide on behalf of other that which is less or more painful. As a society we could not come up with a better solution for emotional harm. We human beings with all powerful brain , could not come up with a better solution. So ,we have made this forgiveness. You have just two choice, live with a grudge or forgive. Even if you are the mightiest creature on earth, what can you do to a fellow creature who have wronged you? Our system demands proves, something as subtle as emotion seems to have no value. But, this subtle feeling, causes the most suffering.

You need not have to carry the grudge around, because you have not done anything wrong. Even if its tough, you have to slowly move away from that person, you have to divert your mind, you have to find peace somewhere with something or someone. It can still come back to you anytime, but gradually it just makes you feel uneasy for a certain period of time and then you are alright again.

But, yes once you have been hurt emotionally, never do the same to anyone else. Because, you are the best person who knows very well how painful it is. Never give that suffering to anyone consciously. Do not let anyone feel similar pain just because of you. If you have hurt someone, immediately seek forgiveness. Live peacefully and spread happiness.

Thank you.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Mile Sur Mera tumhara

Hi Readers,

This song " Mile sur mera tumhara" used to be my favorite song in childhood. People born in 80's and 90's would remember the song being telecast-ed in DoorDashan. Even though I did not knew which lines belong to which region and language, I used to remember whole of the song. Though, I might not pronounce whole of it correctly, I could get the lyrics correct.
 Only thing that disappointed me was the Odia part was presented by tribal people. My disappointment was because people of other region were shown in their traditional attires, and Odisha is also recognized for its hand-loom and typical way of draping saree. Then why they had to choose tribal people with a bamboo hat. It is also not that majority of Odia belongs to tribal community. I have shared the image for Odia below. Well, I have nothing against Tribals, and if they wanted to include them in this song, its well and good. Well, whatever it is the song and the lyrics are beautiful. Here, is the lyrics for you all. We now have newer version of same song, with modern Indian's in its visual. I love this song and on every republic day and Independence day, I think of getting to hear this song again on TV when I switch it on.

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara
(Hindi) Mile sur mera tumharaa, to sur bane hamaraa....
Sur kee nadhiyaan har disha se behke saagar mein milee...
Baadalon ka roop lekar barsen halke halke...
Mile sur mera tumharaa.. toh... sur bane hamaara..
Mile sur mera tumhara...

(Kashmiri) Chaain taraj tahin nyay taraj
Ek but baniye saayen taraj

(Punjabi) Tera sur mile mere sur de naal
Milke bane ek nava surtaal

(Hindi) Mile sur mera tumharaa....
To sur bane hamaara..

(Sindhi) Mohnja sur tohi desa pyara mile jadein
Geet ashaanjo madhur tarano bane tadein

(Urdu) Sur ka dariya behke saagar me mile
(Punjabi)Badlaan da roop leike barasan hole hole

(Tamil) Isaindhal namm iruvarin suramum namadhakum..
Dhisai veru aanalum aariser aarugal
Mugilai mazaiyai pozivadu pol isai
...Namm isssaiiii....

Thik thakida thathikakidA....thaka thimi thaka junu
(Kannada) Nanna danige ninna daniyu,
Seridante namma daniyu..

(Telugu) Naa swaramu nee swaramu sangammamai,
Mana swaram ga avatarinchey

(Malayalam) Ente swaravum ningalude swaravum
Otthu chernnu nammude swaramai....

(Bengali) Tomaar shoor moder shoor srishti korook oikyashoor...
Tomaar shoor moder shoor srishti korook oikyashoor...

(Assamese) Srishti hok oikyatan

(Oriya) Tume mora swarara milana srishti kari chalu uchatama

(Gujarati) Male sur jo taro maro, bane aapno sur niralo

(Marathi) Majhya tumchya julta tara madhur suranchya barasti dhara

(Hindi) Sur ki nadiya har disha se behke saagar mein mile...Baadlo ka roop leke barse halke halke..
Oh...Mile sur mera tumhara tho....sur bane hamara...
Mile Sur mera tumhara
To sur bane hamara tho sur bane hamara
To sur bane hamara

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A simple handmade card for birthday


 Recently, I made a very simple card for my brother. I am sharing few pictures of the same here, please leave your feedback in comment section.

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Handmade rakhi cards 2014

Hi All,

Wish you a very happy Rakhsya Bandhan. This year I got very less time to prepare Rakhi cards, so could not come up with a better design for cards. But, somehow managed to make cards for my brothers. Below, I share few pics. Please leave your valuable feedback at the comment section.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Why so much tragedy for Karna??

Hi Readers,

Once again I am back with views regarding Karna and Kunti story. Karna the tragic hero of epic Mahabharat. I follow Mahabharata serial in Star Plus. What is most amazing  fact in this serial is that they explain why Krishna play games and breaks rule of war to help Pandava's attain victory. Yesterday, Karna's life came to an end in that serial. There was nice explanation on why he was punished and why he had to undergo so much tragedy. Why supporting Dhurodhana was not correct, although Dhuryodhana helped him to get respect as an warrior. Well, some part of narration was really very beautiful and I want to jot it down here.

During the battle of Kurushetra, when Karna's cart falls in mud and his chaffeur King of Madra and maternal uncle of Nakul and Sahadeba humiliates him, at that point Krishna urges Arjuna to kill Karna. Karna wants to fight back and suddenly realizes that his talent has vanished. He has forgotten what he had learnt. Krishna reminds him of the wordings of Parshuram, who had cursed Karna for not revealing his true identity. He had cursed that when Karna would need his talent badly, at that point he will  forget what he has learnt. Karna is torn apart, he feels cheated and wanted to know why such things had to happen to him. Krishna tells Karna that he is son of the mightiest Sun God. He was born with supernatural power, still he could not do justice to it. Karna wants to know how he was wrong, and how justice was done to him. Krishna explains, that its true life was tough on him. This society did not do justice with him by not letting him use his skills, by not allowing him to be equal with other warriors just because of his birth, and his caste. However, he had the amazing power, by which he could have fought against the society and could have changed rules set by society on cast-ism. He could have liberated people like him. However, he chose to be with Dhuryodhana. Karna again wants to know why supporting Dhuryodhana was regarded as bad, when only this person helped him when he wanted to be known just for his skills and efforts. Krishna says, Dhuryodhana never helped Karna, but used Karna in his favor. Dhuryodhana never uplifted weaker sections of the society, but yes he helped Karna, to get him by his side. This opens eyes of Karna. He understands his faults. He then wants to know from Krishna if ever this world will remember him, for his strength? Krishna says, to kill Karna they need to play foul, is this not enough to prove his strength.

After, Arjuna kills Karna sunset happens. Kunti comes to battle field in search of her son Karna. All of the Pandava brothers were amazed as to why their Mother is so concern for their enemy. Arjuna asks why Kunti is concerned about Karna. Krishna says, enmity is over now you need to know the relation. He asks Arjuna to ask same question to Kunti. Kunti in battle field, shares the relationship with Karna. She says, Karna has been punished for Kunti's fault deed. Rishi Durvasa who gave Kunti boon of a powerful mantra by use of which she could be a Mother, also warned her that she should make use of it in apt situation. If the Mantra is used in haste, it will give negative effect. However, Kunti was not matured enough and just wanted to test the Mantra, which resulted in Karna's birth before her marriage.

Even though she kept this birth of Karna a secret, and had set her son Karna away, somehow she had been longing for him. When she finally got to know about Karna in a friendly competition, she had no guts to reveal the truth of Karna's birth when he was being ridiculed.

Somehow, watching this I felt, how difficult the situation would be for a girl in similar situation. Being a mother after marriage is a boon and curse when attained without marriage. Yes, society is changing, in western world this might not be the usual perception, but in India it still persist. I wanted to think of men who do this. Will situation also affect them. All men become proud father when they are married. What is their feeling when they do the same before marriage? My guess is most of the guys would have to live with a guilt that their decision landed someone in such a situation. If the girl gives birth and still they both did not get married, then he might also long to see his child. Although, exception is always there for both men and women. Some people could do all this and never realize or admit that they have not done something which was good or considered good.

The truth behind everything is things, situations and everything in general is termed good or bad depending on situation, place and most importantly by the timing. Otherwise, whats good is also bad, its just a relative term. Is not it?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Touching Feet of elders" - Tradition or Taboo

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Its general practice in Hinduism to show respect to elders by touching their feet. Touching feet also has several twist to it. In ancient Odia culture, one would do a Pranam by bending knees and placing his/her head on ground in same way as we do while praying to god. People would also follow Shastang Pranam by lying down and folding hands in Namaskar. In Rajasthani Culture, they would perform "Dhok" by sitting down and with two hands massaging legs by pressing gently and moving up and down in leg till knee. In general touching feet is followed all over India with little modification based on regions and culture.

The question is why do we touch feet? Why not some other part of body to show respect? Well, I got many interesting reads on this matter. I am trying to compile some of them below.

An act of touching the feet of our elders give's strength, intellect, knowledge and fame. There is scientific reason to back and support this conclusion.

According to modern science, a human body contains negative and positive currents of electricity. The left side of the human body carries negative current and the right side of the body has positive current. Have you observed any patient of paralysis? Right from his toe to the scalp, the body divides it self into two vertical halves and one half with his organs becomes a prey to such disease. One half of the body is invalid and the other half is active and conscious. One eye, one hand, one leg, one foot become inert; dead like with no movement, no sense, no feeling. Absolutely useless and totally immobile. This proves that each half has distinct currents – either negative or positive. Two halves together complete a circuit built of positive and negative.

At the time of bowing to our Guru, teacher, seniors and elders, we stand in front of them, facing them. The vertical body parts in that case are in the opposite direction. The left side of the Guru shall be in front of the right side of the disciple. In other words negative in front of positive. Keeping in view of this fact, our Rishis in ancient times have suggested the salute of touching feet by crossing the hands, i.e. right hand touches right foot and left hand touches left foot of our elders. Thus the positive current in both flows in an uniformed circuit and in simulate way negative flows jointly in a circuit. Thus both the currents form a well-unified circuit.

If you touch the feet of someone who harbors ill feelings towards you, they will be forced to give you a blessing. So in effect any mistake that you did to them knowingly or unknowingly will be forgiven by god. You will not be affected by their ill-will in any way too.

However, in modern day practice, we are slowly drifting from our original value. Now, saying Hello, Hi is slowly replacing Namaskar and Pranam. We are coping western cultures without any logic. we are neglecting our age-old practices considering it as a TABOO. We need to re-think about the logic behind the whole process.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Donkey in Pit

Hi Readers,

I am back after a long pause with another short story. May be most of you already know about it. However, I am still sharing it.

A Man's favorite donkey fell into a pit. The man tried his best to pull the donkey. However, he could not pull it out, no matter how hard he tries. So, decided to bury the donkey alive. He kept pouring soil from above. The donkey feels soil, shakes the soil and steps on it. More soil is poured on donkey and he shakes it off and steps up. The more load was poured the higher it raised. By following same process, finally the donkey was out of the pit and grazing in green pasture.

The moral is after shaking off(shaking problems), and rising up or stepping up(learning from problems) one would graze in Green Pasture( lead a better life).

This story is really very small one, with a good message to convey. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Growing older and wiser :)

Hi Readers,

After a long pause I am back again. What do you think what kept me away from my blogging sites? The reason is what do I write, then I had other things to shift my focus and partly because I was busy. Spent quite a lot of time reading.

Let me share how I feel now. I feel I have gradually become more patient, I have been quite calm and understanding. But, I wonder what made me develop these characteristic..? When my Mom used to ask me to be more patient some five years back, I used to get irritated. But, now my family especially my Mom agrees that I have become more patient, more soft.

What has basically made this change in me? May be as I am growing older, I am getting wiser... :) :)
Or may be as life pushes and pulls me through one problem and the other, I am growing resistant to being angry and upset with these things. Now, when problems come, I read motivational books, I spent time wisely on things that really matter. I have learnt the basics to skip things, flip my focus from a negative thing to positive one. I appreciate people more, I try to see their positive side and ignore negatives.I respect people who have faced many troubles in life but still gathered courage to either let it go or struggle and come out as a winner.

I do not know what more to say or analyse as to how I did this, from a young impatient person I am gradually growing as a patient listener. May be my acceptance and letting go of things helped and contributed well in developing me as a better person than yesterday. And yes this journey is not going to stop but I am sure it will go slow but will make me better and better person as I grow. I do not know how successful I could be in today's time. Whether I could make all my dreams come true, but yes I know by the time I will die, I would have been a much better individual. And, of-course in my long term goal I have a point to build character, being nice and being a better person. I know with my effort and God's mercy I will surely achieve this goal of mine. Feeling awesome with my achievement in this regard.


May God restore peace in your life...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The story of a loyal Hero

Hi Readers,

Any guesses on whom this story is based on. Well, it's from the epic tales of Mahabharata. Any guesses now... Its Karna. The characters whom I like the most in tale of Mahabharata is the mightiest Bhisma, who was always composed and calm. He was strongest man who could protect and flourish the kingdom of Hastinapur without ever having a urge to be known as the King. He left his position of being King of Hastinapur to his younger brother for the well being of his father, his step mother and his step brother's. The second man in this list is Karna. Though born to the mighty Lord Sun and Queen Kunti, he never enjoyed royalty. With his firm courage and faith, he became one of the great warrior. When Krishna finally revealed his biological birth and wanted him to join Pandavas, this heroic man did not accept it. He could have accepted the request and could have been the King of Hastinapur, as he was elder to Yudhisthira. However, he chose not to abandon his adoptive parents, who bestowed all their love upon him. He chose to stay firmly by the side of Duryodhan, because he had saved him from criticism. Though, Duryodhan always used him, he stayed by his words, by his friendship till his death. Let me now describe the side of Karna in detail.

Karna was born to Kunti and Sun God. Kunti had received a boon from Sage Durvasa to bear sons from Gods. She just had to utter a Mantra and call upon which ever God she wanted and they would give her a son before they depart. Kunti just wanted to test the powerful Mantra and thus Karna was born. However, she abandoned him. Later, post marriage to Pandu, Kunti and Madri had five sons whom she raised after death of Pandu and Madri. Karna's fate took him to Adhiratha and Radha, who adopted him. They bestowed all their love and never let him feel that he was an abandoned child. Karna never enjoyed the royalty that his biological brother's Pandavas enjoyed. He could not get him a Guru or teacher. However, with his courage and trust to learn he changed his look and became the disciple of Parshuram. He became a great warrior. He had same ability as his biological brother Arjuna. However, when Karna wanted to fight against Arjuna in a bravery show, he was not allowed. He was ridiculed because he was son of Suta(an inferior caste compared to Khatriya or Warrior class) his adoptive parents. When he was being humiliated , his biological mother and father chose to remain silent. They witnessed him being ridiculed. At this time, Duryodhan came to his rescue and made him King of Anga. Thus Karna was first time equipped with firm sense of self by Duryodhan. Karna became his friend and he was a true friend to Duryodhan till his death. Though he was aware that Duryodhan is actually using him, exploiting him and is not going by Dharma or law, he chose to be by his words and friendship.

In the battle of Mahabharata, Krishna came to Karna. Like the knowledge  of Gita that Krishna gave to Arjuna, he also gave similar Gyan to Karna. This is known as Karna-gita. In this chapter of Mahabharata, Krishna reveals the real identity of Karna. Krishna makes him aware of his biological parents. His biological brothers and asks him to abandon Duryodhan and join Pandavas. The interaction between Krishna and Karna is very interesting. Krishna states:-

... the scriptures teach that son born
to a women before her marriage
is as much counted as the son of his wedded husband
as the sons she bears in marriage.
You, Karna was born this way.
Under law you are the son of Pandu.
Under the constraint of the book of law,
come with me and you shall be King.

You Kunteya, surrounded by Parthas
as the moon by the stars, reign you over the realm
and bestow blessings on Kunti!
Your friends shall shudder with joy,
your enemies with fear.
Today, let their be brotherhood, between you and your Pandava brothers.

Karna however rejects the new identity. He accepts that by law he may be the son of Pandu, but he appeals to love as the determiner of his identity.

An unmarried maiden conceived me, by the sun, Janardan.
and at the behest of sun, she abandoned me at birth.
Yes, Krishna under law I was born the son of Pandu,
however Kunti abandoned me as though i was stillborn.
And Adhiratha, a suta, no sooner than he see me,
he carried me to his home,Madhusudan
and offered me to Radha, with love.

Acknowledging his adoptive parent's low caste birth, he nonetheless praises his adoptive parents for their generosity and undying dedication. Emphasizing his helplessness, he attributes his survival and nurture to Adhirath and Radha. He appeals to keep his identity as Radheya(son of Radha) not as son of Kunti.

A man who knows the law and always took care
to listen to the scriptures on the Law,
Adhiratha, the suta, thinks of me as his son,
and my love demands me to think of him as my father.

Karna then goes on to defend his links with Duryodhan,

can make me a traitor of my words...
Duryodhan has raised arms and prepared for war
because he relies on me...
Neither death, nor capture, neither greed nor fear
can make me break my promise..

Karna then states that if he has to reveal his identity to Yudhisthira, then Yudhisthira would hand him his Kingdom. Yudhisthira the son of Dharma, would immediately yield his throne to Karna, the eldest of Kunti's sons. In an interesting and insightful observation, Karna predicts his own demise. If Yudhisthira yielded to Karna, then Karna out of gratitude and loyalty would yield it to Duryodhan, his protector and friend. But, Karna states that this would not be correct. He acknowledges the moral superiority of Yudhisthira ,asking" Let the Law spirited Yudhisthira be king forever."

Then Krishna returns to Pandavas and declares that his mission has been failed. Kunti then meets Karna at the banks of Ganges and pleads him to abandon Duryodhan and join Pandavas. The father Sun God, Surya then speaks and urges Karna to listen to his mother Kunti. At this, Karna replies that he believes Kunti and Karna and he can not forget the wrong that has been done.

.... the irreparable wrong that you have done by casting me out
has destroyed the name and fame that I could have had...
What enemy could have done greater harm than you have?
When there was time to act
you did not show me the compassion...
you have never acted in my interest like a mother,
and now, here you are, enlightening me solely on your interest..

Karna reminds Kunti that the sons of Dhritarastra have been in his support, and now he should not betray them. But, he agrees to one concession now, that he will spare the life of all Pandavas except Arjuna.

In all this interchange, Karna refuses to change his side for two reasons, love and loyalty. Karna stands as the literature's great tragic figure. He lives according to the heroic values of valor and courage.Due to his inauspicious birth, over which he had no control, his fate was marked from the beginning. The generosity firstly by his adoptive parents and then by Duryodhana, who befriended him equipped Karna with a firm sense of self.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Karma & KaliYuga

Hi Readers,

I have written another poem in Oriya, sitting and thinking of present environment. I had many questions as in any other think day, mostly regarding politics, manipulation etc.. Be it in workplace, in home, with siblings or with spouse, it is our human tendency, that we get easily influenced by the person who can speak well. We get attracted to the words.However, when these words are not converted into equal action, makes us feel played. For the people who can easily manipulate, they have a inborn quality to speak what other's like to hear. What they mean can be very different from what they speak? But, yes in this worldly affair, they progress a lot through their communication skills, and networking abilities. The person, who can actually get the work done, lags behind... Is not it?

Here, is my poem in Oriya on the same subject. As written earlier, I lack a lot in Oriya literature specially vocabulary... I just gave it a try. Hope some of you might like it.

କହେ ଯେ କଥା ବଡ ବଡ କର୍ମରେ କରେ ନାହି
କହି ଯେ ନ ପାରିଇ ସେ କର୍ମେ କରି ଦେଖାଇ||
ହଜାରେ ଆଶା ଦିଏ ଯେ ଆଶା ଭାଂଗୀ ପାରଇ
ଯେ କୁହଇ ଅପ୍ରିୟ ସତ ଅସମଯରେ ପାସେ ରୁହଇ||
ହେଲେ ଏ ଅବୁଝା ମନ ତାକୁ ହି ଚାହଇ
ଯେ କଥା ଭଲ କହି ତାକୁ ଜିଣି ପାରଇ||
ଆ କଥା ତା ଆଗେ, ତା କଥା ଆ ଆଗେ ଯେ କରି ପାରଇ
ସାଂସାରିକ ସମାଜରେ ଜାଣ ସେହି ଜିଣି ପାରଇ ||
କର୍ମ କଲେ କି ହେବ, କଥା ଦରକାର୍ ପଡଇ
ଏ କଳି ୟୁଗରେ କି ଏହା ହି ମହିମା
କଳି କରି ଉପରକୁ ଚଢି ଚଢି ଯିବା ||
ଯେ ପରଂଗମ ନୁହେ କଳିରେ ହେ ଜାଣ
ଯେତେ କର୍ମ କଲେ ମଧ୍ୟ ହାର ତାର ଜାଣ||
ପ୍ରଭୁହେ ତୁମେ କଣ କଳିର ହି ସାଥୀ
କଣ ଚାଂହ ପ୍ରଭୁ, ତୁମ ଭକ୍ତ କରୁ କଳି ??
                                           ---- ଶର୍ମିଷ୍ଠା

Thanks for reading it. :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tapoyi and Khudurukuni Osa

Hi Readers,

After long time, I am back again with another interesting story from mythology. This folklore has given rise to another ritual and worship. The Khudurukuni Osa(Osa means vrat in Odia) which is conducted in month of August-September. Young girls keep fast whole day long and in the evening they welcome Goddess Mangala ( form of Shakti, the auspicious one)adore her with red flowers, and offer Prasad made from broken rice, jaggery and fruits. Goddess Mangala is an amalgamation of Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati. She loves broken rice. In Odisha, broken rice is also used to make Pitha. Broken rice is also used to make kheer and is offered to deities.

Now, let me present you the interesting story behind this Osa. This is the story of Tapoyi. She belonged to the caste of Sadhaba (means traders in Odia). In ancient times, these Sadhaba clan people used to sail from Odisha to Java and Sumtra islands (presently parts of Indonesia), they used to sell various household artifacts to people there and used to carry home other valuable goods. On their trading abilities, today Odisha celebrates Bali yatra on their remembrance. Now, coming back to the story. Tapoyi had seven brothers and she was youngest among them. All her brothers were married. One day, when she was playing with her clay toys, an old wicked Bhramin lady happen to pass by. This Old lady urged her to demand for toys made of Gold, as her father and brother's are so rich. Innocent Tapoyi, demanded for Golden moon as a toy. Her father was taken aback hearing her demands. He however agreed to fulfill her demands. However, her father died before he could fulfill her demands. Soon after her mother also died. Every one, now wondered if the cause behind all this is the unusual demand of Tapoyi, including Tapoyi herself.

However, her brothers and sister-in-law took good care of her. And now, the time to travel from trade came. All her brothers started their journey, leaving Tapoyi with their wife's. Her brother's took promise from their respective wife to take good care of their only sister. For few days, everything went on smoothly. Once again that old wicked Bhramin lady happen to pass by their house. This time, she infused seeds of jealousy and hatred towards Tapoyi in her sister in-law's mind. Urged by this wicked lady, all her sister in-law's started torturing Tapoyi. They gave her only rice to eat, even without salt. They made her herd the goats in Jungle, they gave her torn and dirty clothes to wear. However, only the youngest sister-in-law took good care of her. She provided her with good food, but could not stop the torture from other sister-in-laws.
Tapoyi, was broken by the loss of her parents and torture from sister-in-laws. One day while in forest she saw a group of women praying to Maa Mangala. She went there. They offered her Prasad after the Puja. These ladies advised her to keep fast on Sundays and offer broken rice to Goddess Maa Mangala. Sure enough, her prayers yeilded results, she found the little goat Gharamani, which she had lost before in the Jungle. Her brothers returned before time, and found her crying in sea shore. They swore to teach their wicked wife a lesson. They decorated Tapoyi like Goddess, made her sit in the boat. They called their wifes and asked them to worship the Goddess. When one by one her sister-in-laws would bow in front of her, she cut their noses with a sharp knife, except the youngest sister-in-law. Humiliated these women left home and went to Jungle. They realized their mistakes and prayed to Maa Mangala. They apologized and Maa Mangala restored noses and peace in their life. They returned back home and lead happy and peaceful life.

Thus, in Odisha people pray to Maa Mangala to have peace and happiness in their life. Howevr, the most interesting part is this Khudurukuni Osa is not performed by Bhramin commuinty. All other community performs this puja. Yes, bhramin women do pray to Maa Mangala but they do not perform Khudurukuni Osa, as in the folklore, Bhramin women has been condemned.

Sometimes, knowing this fact, many questions do erupt in my mind. How, all these traditions and rituals came into being? Why do we have Bhramin priest in temples to offer Puja on our behalf? If one wicked lady was condemned for her act, the whole community do not perform this Puja. Then why they perform Puja on other communities behalf. Somehow, all these queries, just make me believe that being the most influential community in ancient times, Bhramin's knowingly came up with social code and conduct that would help them prosper their business of worshiping and amassing wealth. This community suppressed reading of Veda's by other community so that they can fool people. Being a student of Dayananda Saraswati Anglo vedic Public School, I really appreciate Dayananda Saraswati's movement that all people be allowed to read veda's.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Another crocheted table mat

Hi Readers,

I just completed another table mat. Its little bigger than the coasters and quite short from a table runner, so I guess I should call it table mat. Well, I am a beginner and I get fascinated by the patterns in Crochet. I tried making Catherine wheel first, however, it was bit difficult for me. I did few lines and then realized after completing the whole thing it might be out of a proper rectangular shape. Then I switched to a granny stripe pattern. Yes, this was much easier and took really less time to complete the whole thing.

I wish I could get some quality woolen yarn in Hyderabad. I have searched quite a good number of embroidery and craft stores, but no luck. I wish I would have been in Bangalore. When I was in Bangalore, I and my friend mostly visited Raja market in weekends. We would collect all sorts of craft supplies and start working on it. Its been five years since I left Bangalore, I still have few of the supplies that I am yet to make use.

Hyderabad, do not have such an exclusive market building dedicated to craft supplies just like Bangalore. I wish I could get Vardhaman or any other similar quality yarn here. I wish to make a simple crocheted blanket, I know it will take months for me to make, but yes handmade things that too made by yourself gives so much satisfaction and a special attachment towards it. When you make something by yourself, you take care and would like to have that piece with you for long time. Its just like a treasure. But, hard luck... I have searched so many places but I do not see these yarns in Hyderabad. Somehow, got some yarn in nearby store but I would not personally prefer to make a blanket out of it. So, I am just making small table mats, coasters and learning the technique.

Enough of my talks, now have a look at this table mat made using Granny stripes and double crochet border pattern.

Do let me know your feedback.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Controlling temper

Hi Readers,

Good evening. I do not know why again I feel a urge to write on same topic. May be because I have been little restless from a couple of days. It happens to me sometimes, when I go back to an incident in past, that hurt me. I play all over again. I keep changing my reactions, making me answer more appropriately, sometimes in such a way that the person who caused pain would actually feel how bad he/she made me feel. I repeat this drama in mind. Its a mind game and after few hours, may be days, it slowly vanishes. However, it sits somewhere deep within me and whenever some things remind me of this , again that mind game starts.

Have you people experienced this? I guess yes, may be some of you would not do it religiously like me but yes more or less this occurs to most of us when we are deeply hurt or may be we feel guilty. Either out of anger or out of guilt we want to go back and change the entire thing. We want to make it look better to us.We want to feel better.

I remember once, I got stupid mails... stupid because it was really crazy, it was from a unknown individual, asking stupid things, sometimes just asking me how I am and sometimes making me feel like that person is happy with the problems that I face. It hurt me, sometimes, I would get urge to reply back condemning that unknown individual. I guessed that person knew me and did not wanted to reveal his/her identity.I also received crazy test messages in my mobile. Asked a friend what to do. And got a reply," Ignore or go to cops". I do not know why, this answer of my friend actually made me more angry. I felt as though that person has little concern or may be happy that I am in trouble. Do not know how but I resisted replying strongly . Tried and ignored these messages, miss calls, stupid mails. Blocked mailer ids and gradually this was over. But, yes I never went back to same friend and asked what I need to do.

When I think back, I just analyse why I was angry with a friend who responded in pale cold way.I laugh at this when I remember it today. Ha ha ha... But, this happens right. We sometimes need a patient ear hearing us. We know what to do and do not expect a ready solution, but just someone hearing us. Understanding our situation and making us feel that they are with us. May be we can get such treatment from other friends but may be we are expecting it from a wrong person. Since, then I have tried to control my anger as much as possible. I have tried to distract myself from all those pains and guilt. Still, a long way for me to go when I can truly term myself as calm and cool.

In this learning process, I have so far learnt that keeping yourself away from people who hurt is not too hard. They might be very close ones, may be your siblings, your parents, your friends or your in-laws but keeping and maintaining safe distance is not very difficult.Avoid to have regular talks because you know anytime those criticism can start again.

Second thing that I learnt is till the time you allow someone to hurt you, he /she can hurt. The moment you stop listening and responding, it stops. It might be in your mind and give you sleepless nights but the actual complains, criticism and hurting from other individual will stop.

Third thing is think like a child. When we were kids, if a friend is not good, he/she backbites and cheats, we simply stop being friends. Same is also true when we are grown up. No need to be friends or think what others will think of you. Just think of what makes the situation better.

In this process, if I find some more working solution, I will post that for you. Try it, may be it will also work with you.


May god restore peace in your life.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crocheted coasters

Hi Readers,

Here I have made two varieties of coasters using same color combination. have a look and let me know your valuable feedback.

In The flower crochet I have taken the pattern from free pattern available in Pinterest.In the second one I have used simple double crochet pattern with shell border. .


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Crochet border table mat

Hi Readers,

I had completed another simple table runner couple of weeks back. But, could not post the pictures earlier. I had tried to make a simple crocheted border for this table runner. The embroidery on this is Kasuti embroidery on a Mitti cloth (cloth used for cross-stitch). Here goes the pictures for you. Hope you will let me know where I can improve.


Friday, January 3, 2014

Handmade birthday card for someone special

Hi Readers,

Here, is another handmade card that I made recently for my husband. Hope you like this.

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