Friday, January 8, 2016

Thank you Brave hearts!!

Life is beautiful thing.To enjoy beauty of life, you need to give wings to your imagination and freedom to your heart that roams without fear. However, is it easy as it is said? Certainly not. As someone said "Freedom is not free". This phrase we hear every day, but few understand what it means. A bit of introspection would reveal the fact that we enjoy a lot of freedom. The freedom for which we need not have to fight. Someone fought for it, gave up their life so that we can enjoy this freedom. That someone whom we do not even know, imagined how important it would be to have freedom and dedicated their life to fight for this cause and gave us freedom. Today, "someone" still continues to safeguard that freedom.

That doctor who is saving life, that engineer who is inventing things, the architect who is shaping up our dreams, that politician who can dare to speak against armed forces in disrespectful way, can do so because that "someone" is standing tall at the borders, ensuring our safety. He can go to the extend of going down in glory, all he expects in return is victory of his nation.

No matter how much you praise him, the soldier still deserves to be praised and thanked for every breath that we take. The dreams and aspirations of every individual, has blossomed into reality because of these Brave Hearts, that are ever willing to protect us from the evil. Not only do they safeguard borders, they do real life stunts to reach the unreachable areas affected by disaster.

Having said all this, what do I expect? Do I expect you to praise them? No not at all, Their deeds command that. All that I expect is you respect them, respect the people in Armed Forces.

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