Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nazca drawings

Hi readers,

Many of my good friends among you already know my interest in "Unsolved mysteries of the world", however, it would be something that most of you do not know. Well, my interest in knowing such things began at a very early age when my Dad spoke to me and my brothers about these as short stories. And, I am still very interested in not only reading about such things but also would like to see them in my own eyes. Many questions come to my mind when I come across such mysterious things, one of them being Nazca drawings.

Readers, I would like to take my privilege in introducing you to these Nazca lines. Nazca lines are seen in Nazca desert, situated in the southern part of Peru. These are drawing in ground over a large area by removing the red pebbles and making the white sand beneath visible. There are more than 70 drawings of animals.The largest one is over 200 meter in area.

These lines were made by Nazca civilization during 400 to 650CE. However, with time, they have re tend their original structure.The mystery behind these paintings is, how could people in those time, view these drawings?How could they make such geometrical figures? And why they made them?

Some, archaeologist say these drawings might be made for irrigation purpose or might be linked to religious beliefs. However, there is no certain reason as to why they have been constructed. And also how these were constructed.Archaeologists have got many wooden weapons that were used in constructing these lines. And it is believed that to appease the gods in sky, the Nazca people created these lines. These lines are only 10 to 30 cm deep. These structures prove the geometrical skill of this early civilization. As the place is very dry and windless, these lines have withstand there original form for so long.

Well viewers, if you are interested in watching the aerial view of such figures, then you can search for them in google map. I am posting two links that will direct you two hummingbird and condor. There are many such drawings. I have posted photographs of humming bird and spider.,-75.031126&sspn=0.316032,0.614548&ie=UTF8&ll=-14.697224,-75.126236&spn=0.001235,0.002401&t=h&z=19,+Peru+(hummingbird+at+Nazca,+Ica,+Peru)&geocode=FcSSHf8dXYCI-ynjYmegQx4UkTEC7JDoZIPgZA%3BCUP-BQmcaTXIFdDQH_8ds1GF-yFF2B_adYntQw&hl=en&mra=pd&sll=-14.777582,-75.031126&sspn=0.316032,0.614548&ie=UTF8&ll=-14.692206,-75.148987&spn=0.001235,0.002401&t=h&z=19

Thank you.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Urmila, wife of Lakhsman, was known for her intelligence and painting skills. In the epic poem of Ramayana, Urmila is regarded as a virtuous woman with lots of patience and tolerance. Though there is very little description of Urmila and her role in Ramayana, she plays considerable part in the Ram's exile.  I am making my best effort to describe such an auspicious and noble lady.

Urmila was one of the sisters of Sita, who got married to Lakshman on the same day as Ram and Sita. When Ram was sent to exile, Lakshman came to Urmila to inform his desire to go with his elder brother Ram. Hearing his desire to accompany Ram and Sita, Urmila expressed her willingness to be with Lakshman, like Sita. However, Lakshman replied that he is going to serve Ram and Sita, so he cannot take Urmila along.So, Urmila decided wisely to stay back so that on no circumstance, Lakshman be deviated from his duty. Lakshman, also took a promise from Urmila, that she will not cry when he is leaving for the forest, and would continue the same in his absence. He also wanted her to take care of mother Kaushlaya, Kaikayi and Sumitra. Urmila obeyed her husband and also extracted a promise from Lakshman that he will not think about her during this 14yrs and would concentrate on his duty.

Urmila never showed the sign of worry for Lakshman in these 14yrs. Though she lived in the Palace at Ayodhya, she observed "Vanaprastha". One day, Kaushlaya visited Urmila's room, at that time Urmila was meditating. So, Kaushlaya remained silent and waited for Urmila to complete her meditation. When, Urmila opened her eye, she saw Kaushlaya there. After she vowed to Kaushlaya, Kaushlaya admired her will and said " How at this tender age, you are not being deviated from your duty and you show no sign of worry for Lakshman?,This pain of being separated from my sons and daughter in law, is hurting so much. then how you are having patience though you are separated from your husband?" To answer this concern of Kaushlaya, Urmila, narrates the duty of a good wife. She said that a good wife is one who could inspire her husband to perform his duty, and is not the one who becomes an obstacle in his path. Lakshman has gone to serve his brother, so she should not be weak, rather than worrying about him she should take care of his mothers.

At the time of battle, when Lakshman faints, and Hanuman goes to get Sanjeevani for him, Bharat saw him on the way. Hanuman informs him about Lakshman's critical condition. Later, Bharat gives this news to Urmila, Kaushlaya and Sumitra. Hearing this news , Urmila did not show any trace of fear or worry. However, she said that " My husband's heart is filled with the name of Ram. Therefore, he is perhaps sleeping peacefully. All the pain is for Ram. No danger can befall on him. He will always remain safe."
The tapasya that Urmila did made Lakshman stronger. He was able to kill Indrajeet and Meghnad who were considered equally powerful as Ravana.

In the exile period of Lakshman along with Ram and Sita, Urmila continued to paint the scenes of Ram and Sita's marriage. She continued to take care of mother Kaushlaya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. She tolerated the pain without showing little signs of worry.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ohm! namah ganesha vighnesha girija nandan prabhu

"ohm! namah ganesha vighnesha girija nandan prabhu
mama vighna nihatyashu sarba sidhi pradho bhaba"

I do not know how many of you have heard about Angarki Chaturthi or Angaraki Sankasti. The Sankasti which falls on tuesday is considered as Angaraki Chaturthi. It is celebrated in every month on krishna paksha chaturthi. Angark symbolises the planet Mars(Mangal).

According to Hindu mythology, Angark is considered to be the son of mother Earth and Rishi Bhardwaj. Angarak acquired knowledge from his father Rishi Bhardwaj and then meditated on Lord Ganapati to get is blessings. He appeased Lord Ganesha, and finally lord Ganesha appeared in front of him on Magh Krishna Chaturthi and the day was tuesday. Lord Ganesha was very pleased with his devotee and wanted to fulfill his wish. When he asked Angark to ask for any blessing, Angark expressed his desire to have his name attached with Ganesha forever.Lord Ganesha granted his wish and proclaimed that whoever prays to him on an Angaraki Chaturthi will get his/her wish fulfilled.From that day on Magh Krishna Chaturthi is called Angaraki Chaturthi.

It is believed to have more power than any sankasti. As per myths, one who observes Angaraki Chaturthi gets benefits equal to a series of Sankasti's observed in a year.

Though, Ganesha and Sankasti Puja is only confined to Karnataka and Maharastra,one who wants to pray to Ganesha for removing obstacles in his/her path, could observe a fast on this day. In the evening he/she needs to worship moon before taking food.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The hunt for Perfect bride

Hi readers,

Today, I am writing on a very tricky concept of Indian Bride. Few days back Star TV hosted a reality show named Perfect Bride. However, I could not get through any point which was Perfect about the show and the final bride who got married live over TV. The same point came into my mind today. What qualities should be in a girl which will make her a perfect bride. What do groom's and their parent at first judge about a girl? Well, this is too tricky is not it?

Speaking about arrange marriage, its always beauty of a girl that catches the eye. My perception about Groom's seeking a perfect bride is that, they are in hunt of Miss Universe always, irrespective of their own looks. Then comes the dual thing that is expected out of same girl. For Groom's ladki thodi smart honi chahiye, usko hashi majak achhi lagni chahiye, use ghar ke kam ke saath saath bahar ke kam bhi thodi ani hi chahiye.. Is not it? She should possess almost all qualities to match up with family,friends and the expectations of all.

Apart from all this now days, the height and weight of girl, fair complexion is essential. If a girl manages all this then comes whether she is willing to cook or not? Whether she is angry or not? Will she give respect to everyone? Will she dominate or will she be dominated? Hmm, lots of these qualities are judged in just few mintutes of talk.

Now, coming to groom's parent, they want a girl who should be beautiful, not for their son but to make their next generation beautiful. Ha Ha Ha.. as though genes is something that a girl can interchange according to will. She is then asked questions to judge her sprituality like  how far she believes in God?Whether she believes in reading Gita, will she pray everyday to god? Then comes whether she is willing to adjust in their family. Is it something that a girl who never visits the groom's family before her marriage can answer? Sometimes, parent ask many tricky questions to judge the intelligence of the girl. Like whether she has ever seen God in real? What would you answer to this question?  If you say no then its gone case and if you say yes then you have to manage proving it. How do you do that? Its simple answer as one's own parent. However, the situation is not that easy where the mind will think about these answers randomly. Its too much more horrible than appearing for a job interview. Then, girls are randomly bombarded with questions to judge her qualities. Sometimes, she is asked what quality is essential in a girl to be much appreciated? What is your guess readers?

Is it motherly affection, love, tender loving care, respect, ones skill to keep a family joined? What's your guess..Well, my answer would be motherly affection and tender loving care with additional qualities to keep a family bonded. Why this? Because motherly affection is something that a guy can't give. He can be affectionate but that will never be motherly. However, this might not be correct though as I got a different opinion from elders that its "Sacrifice" that keeps a girl admired. I agree its sacrifice which keeps bonded everyone. Its sacrifice which makes you more considerate. However, is sacrifice only confined to girl? Is not it a domain of boys too. Considering a relationship which is said to be well balanced and happy, I don't think that is one way process with all attempts from the bride. The same, sacrifice should be from both sides, so that it becomes blissful.

Its a girl who sacrifices her own families love to go to another family. She accepts another family and makes all the strange people her own. If people in that family cannot accept one person readily, then is it damn easy for a girl to sacrifice her lovely family to make this new home her own. Is it easy for her to accept everyone with due respect and love? She might give love or make a fake show of love to keep people bounded but will it come from her own heart where people keep nagging her and pointing out her mistakes. However, my answer is yes for a girl who is much loved and adored by her husband. When she gets a support like a backbone who believes in her and has confidence on her, that inspires her to tackle such nagging relatives too. But, yes when the husband himself is suspicious then life becomes miserable for the girl.

Adoring and making relationship's grow,  is what is called life. The process of making should not be only left to girl. The process of respect, love and care develops when trust is their from both sides. When not just the bride but the groom is willing to sacrifice and compromise. No two individuals are alike and can never stand 100% to each other's expectation. But, the journey of life should be as such that it does not seem to be compromising and sacrificing. When the feeling of sacrifice and compromise comes then how love can blossom in it. And where there is no love is it blissful life?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beauty of words

Words are amazing, when put together in correct order they can invoke an array of emotions. Words are too powerful to transform relationships, have life-altering effects. Words along with circumstances could save lives and kill people.

Words gain their best power when accompanied with due action. Empty words without action leads to destruction. Human being have tendency to love, words that are sweet to hear. However, no one loves sweet words which never has any meaning. In other words, these sweet words are termed to be emotional atyachaar or simple "cheat".

We all are taught from childhood to always speak sweet words that would elevate the mind. Especially, teachers in primary school load us with stories about people who continuously lie and its impact. I remember one such story, where a young boy plays fowl with people to gain attention. Everyday, he is in a habit of shouting aloud that the tiger has come to village and seeks the help of people. For first few instances people ran to help this little boy. However, when they realised that this kid wants to create panic, they leave him alone. It so happens that one day that boy really sees tiger and is badly in need of help. He shouts aloud, but this time nobody comes for him. People thought it to be yet another trick of him, therefore, nobody bothered about him and continued with their work.

People take you for granted not only if you say lie, but also if you continue to change your words. Especially, when you linger to boast yourself for what you are. Some, people have a habit of saying and boasting what they are. However, they forget the fact that action speaks louder than words. When they do not perform required action as per their words, the world simply laughs at them. The major question is what is the meaning of empty but sweet words?

One such incident happened recently, one of my friend had a habit of boasting, how much work he can do. He not only says about his own work, however he also makes other's part of job his own. He continued boasting all throughout his office during the initial phase of the project. His teammate got fed up of with his words and boasting nature. This person also had habit of changing his words. He would say to the manager that the work would be done by the end of the day. However, could never complete it on time. Moreover, he tries to blame others for not being able to finish on time. However, on a larger picture, it was hard for others specially manager to realise he was actually portraying others part of job as his own. So, his teammate finally decided to teach him a lesson. When the release date of the project was nearing, the teammate took few sick leaves. That day, it was awful for this fellow to handle the project all by himself. Finally, he repented for his past mistakes. And the whole team came to know about his potential and deed.

So, buddies, never try these sort cuts to rise up. It will be too embarrassing to face your peers, friends and family if you are caught red handed. Be it a lie, a sweet but empty word,all are harmful. They can never do any good to anyone when they have got no meaning. Instead of trying to fool others and thinking world is a fool, try doing something which is actually good. The good might be hard to perform,however will never be painful than these kind of embarrassment.

Now, let see how beautifully we can utilise the same word. There are many ways to say the same thing which could be portrayed with the different set of words that we select and arrange. One simple sentence  could be modified in so many numerous ways, which portrays the emotion of the speaker. Here, words does not just convey our emotion, its also conveyed along with the voice and tone that we use to say them.When ever, you want to get respect, say words that has meaning and also be patient. I have a friend who always shows calm and composer while speaking with anyone. Even if she had to wait for someone for a long time, she would never call up and say to hurry up and be fast. The reason being, she feels people make more mistake when they try to be quick. Especially, when someone is travelling, we should not ask them to be quick. As, your words might trigger the  person that he/she has to be too quick to reach,and might lead to accidents. That intention of her and the way she used to say me over call that, "Don't worry, its not late, take your time and come safe". I can never forget these words in life. Had I been in her place, I would have been more impatient in dealing the situation. She made me realise how our brain cells react to such simple words, to be quick and lead us to make mistake.

Well, my journey with blog started after hearing that my words will have greater impact. That day, one thought came to my mind, impact could be good or bad.If I can destroy with words then I could build with same words. Why should I channelise my energy in destruction rather than invention? So, I thought to put down my thoughts with all the energy not just in my personal diary but here in the WEB. When I try putting them up in WEB, I require more energy to make it my best as it is no more confined only to me.

I got good response from all of you,which I never thought to get. Well, thank you all for visiting my blog regularly. When I see the status increasing, that gives me moral support to keep going. Your comments and compliments also add to it.

            “Words may show a man's wit, but actions his meaning."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Every problem is an exam to pass.

Few years back, when I was a student, I was never afraid of giving exams and specially passing them. It was always my aim to top it rather than just clearing my papers. However, at that point of time, I never thought that life will make me to stand in some place where I would require to give exam everyday. And there will be only two option that is Pass or Fail. Here, if you pass its acheivement and if you fail then you are left with no choice.

In last 6 months or so I have rejected two good oppertunity to join major IT firms, with great pay packages. Just because I have to think of my personal life more seriously than proffessional. The situation has so arised that its beyond my scope. Don't know why but somehow I am not able to take decision in favour of my career.

I somehow feel, it would have been far better to be a boy. Atleast, from day one I could just focus on carreer and oppertunities than think of family. It would have been so much easier for me to get into something where I want to be, as my focus would have been just my career. However, being a girl, I sometimes feel where to focus and which can be neglected. No choice, I have to manage everything, and its very risky and confusing as to what all things I can do and which can be thought of afterwards.

Sometimes, I fear I will lag behind from my peers(male), just because I am responsible for a family apart from my job. This is not the story with me alone, with every girl child.

Inspite of all this, I somehow have a feeling inside which says, " Go on give it your best effert, when you feel you can't. Why to fear when you know you can't? If you could make it possible then hurrey to your spirits or else console that you already knew it."

Todays quote says " Take every problem in life as a exam to pass." I wish I could know howmany exams I need to clear. What to do, the drama of life will go on even if I fail or pass... So, just left it. Left trying to pass exams.. just going on where life takes me.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bavre se Mann, ki dekho bavri hai baatyein----

       Bavre Se Mann, Ki Dekho Bavri Hain Baatein
       Bavri Se Dhadkaane Hain, Bavri Hain Saansen

This is dedicated to all boys who continuously try their silly and superb ideas to impress girls. You must be thinking why this as a topic. Well, it’s about some very funny ways that guys do to impress girls.

Guy next door trying to impress neighbor:-

One of my friends had got bed bugs in her bed, which she came to know about after many days of her suffering from their bites. The moment she came to know about it, we all planned to throw away the two mattresses that she was using. That night as it was already too late, and we were not aware where to dump, we planned to shift them to our roof top. We had few extra mattresses with us. So, she took one out of them for her use and remaining were shifted to our balcony. In order to disinfect them we planned to put them in sun.

This balcony was common for two flats and our neighbors were two guys. We left the entire mattress in balcony before we went to office. On return, we were amazed to not find a single mattress outside. The guy next door informed us that, he thought it’s going to rain so he has collected all the mattresses and kept it inside his house. Well, it’s not that he had collected the mattresses from our balcony but also from the rooftop. Oh God, he had mixed the bed bug infected one's with all other. And, we had nothing to say as this was first time that the fellow was interacting with us.  Though, we were not sure how to react, just said plain thanks to him. However, we kept laughing at his act all throughout night.

It’s fun to see boys and their wonderful ways to impress girls. He did not even feel the presence of bed bugs. He would have got great rewards in the form of bed bugs in his room. I have never, heard about someone being so humble to bring our infected mattresses from roof. Huh! this is surely  going to be one of the funniest way to help and impress girls. LOL!!!!!!!!!

College going teenager’s choice:-

During, college days it was fun watching guys trying to impress girls in lot more funny ways. In hostel, everyday a set of guys would come to collect notes, practical records from a single girl, had they been interested in study they would have managed with good notes over a girl making the note. :) Most of the Guys, say "I LOVE YOU" on APRIL FOOL's day, thinking if girl says yes then its wonderful otherwise they would escape rejection by saying its a joke.  Many boys try gifting expensive gifts on Valentine’s Day followed by their formal proposal too. Boys can even go to the height of fighting among themselves to get cosmetic for a girl. Boy's never realise that their staring at girls never make girls feel better, and no girl can be impressed by someone who continuously stares,as if he is going to gulp you as a whole.Guy's even attempt to compliment or comment the girl rigorously, whom they actually admire.

Huh! So many ways to impress girls, however see the facebook of these guys, it would be flooding with quotes and wallpapers that post against girl. My question is why you need to impress girls when you think they are dumb, fool and all non-sense?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flying high

Today's headline, made me to write this blog. Last time that I travelled back home, for the first time, I happened to have a lady Pilot. As far as I remeber her name was Preeti, Sirname I have forgotten. I was so happy that day to hear a Women pilot. More delighted to see Women emerging in every field.

However, today the headline made me to fear, its not for the lady pilots, but for the fake certificate that was caught after finding a women pilot, landing wrong way. More so worried, because its INDIGO airlines to make headline. As Indigo is the cheapest and daily two flights to BBSR, for which I preferred it. Though, I did not like there service very much, I was happy to get flight in reasonable rates.

Don't know what to say about India's development with fake that is everywhere. When I was a in Std 6th, my teacher once said to whole class that we need to score high to get admission in college. I was worried the whole day, as I saw everyone going to college. I was worried to know how could everyone get more than 80% score. Well, I had no knowledge of Science, Commerce and Arts at that time. Never knew according to college and subject the score varies. When, I completed my engineering, came to know that you can get job with fake marksheets too. There is fake in everything from being employed to your scores in school and colleges.

Today, the height of fake is getting Pilot license with fake certificate of passing the test. Don't we fear of taking lifes of so many people that board a flight. What is our safety in these things? I fear the roots of fake is in everything. Someone, making hard attempts to get it and someone with fake attempts. Great comparision all together. Only thing that matters is who is caught first. There is no use pointing to any proffession and people, as this is something widely known. And no use fearing being an Indian by blood. Is not it??

But, yes Indian making healine for fake is something that I really hate. I want to see Indian praised everywhere, not looked down upon. I want to see the newspaper heading with Indians as winners in every field. Its not that Indians are not prasied or honoured for their acheivements, but some of us are pulling the efforts of many who have acheived fame for our country. Why cant we take inspiration from people who acheive after a long struggle than finding short-cuts to acheive the same glory? Do we lack inspiration and motivation to struggle a bit more, that we try the short-cuts in every sphere? Please think seriously, what we will give the next generation, ways to find short-cuts or can we motivate them to struggle and put in enough efforts.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wishing you all the Centenary year for International Women's Day

Hi Readers,

 Wish you all the Centenary year for International Women's day. Don't know what could be a better starting for this post, so just jotting down few facts about IWD. I was not knowing why we celebrate this Day and how the celebration came into existence till today morning. Not sure if some of you are like me who just go on celebrating such days, without even giving a thought about its existence. So, I thought its better to jot down few things of its existence to help people like me.

International Women's Day celebration started in 1900's and came to mass celebration worldwide from 1911. And from that day on this is celebrated every year on March 8th. Thus, making century this year. This started with first international women's conference that was held at Copenhagen in the year 1910. In this summit it was proposed to conduct International Women's Day , which was then celebrated every year from 1911.

At first this Day came into existence to propose and work for well being and social upliftment of women worldwide, and also to recognise Women who made a difference and achieved for not just themselves but for the world.

In today's world, this day is official holiday in many of the eastern European countries and Soviet Union countries. In many parts of the world, its celebrated in a way similar to Mothers Day and Valentines Day.

Now, lets talk how we celebrate it in India. Adds coming up in TV informs us about this Day. Official mails from HR team also informs us about it. There is few celebration and rewards and recognition ceremonies especially for Women held in companies. Apart from that men and women wish women this day. However, there is no exchange of gifts and other celebrations like Valentines Day or Mothers Day.I wish there should be something to reward and recognise the WOMEN who are working and contributing towards social causes.

I remember my first Women's Day celebration in IBM. Now, going to share that with you all. The mail from HR stated to wear only yellow, green or purple colour dresses and gather in the cafearia in the morning hours. Well, my team asked me to come in Saree and as a new joinee I had no idea what to do, though I had no saree with me at that time. So, I ended up wearing my favourite yellow Salwar Kameez to office. There, was a group of HR team (Women HR only) who were organising the event. We had some foreign delegates (IBMers from US) as the chief guest. All these ladies who spoke that day had more than 25 yrs of experience with IBM. They all narrated their journey in IBM. Some of them made it too interesting by adding their experience in overcoming hurdles specially to balance both professional and personal life. At that moment, I was just a month old in IBM and had no knowledge how difficult it could be to balance everything.

Though I learnt very few things from them, but had wonderful time watching my colleagues and getting inspired by their persona. The celebration ended with snacks servings along with gifts. Now, lets talk about today's celebration. While entering office the security personnel wished me "Happy Women's Day" with a rose gift. I missed the last years chocolate  as I was late. :(  Then got many invites from HR team for the days celebration that had funny competition of dress designing and mehndi competition. Wah Wah, it sounds so silly to mark these occasion. However, it was literally fun to watch the participants and get involved with them. I ended up giving away the prizes to winners of Mehndi competition. Ha ha ha.. Don't know if ever I can really give away prizes for some good cause though. I was really happy to give away them as I believe this was a great opportunity for me to do so. Ha ha ha..

Anyway, the Day is coming to an end and many ideas are popping up in my little mind which says to make this Day, much more beautiful, do something to make a difference.However, there are many if and buts also.

I eventually thought to dedicate today's post to some women achiever, then thought that will be like dragging too much this Women's Day. Got confused as to what to write and ended up writing this silly passage.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Blissful life

Today morning, while reading the quote of the day, I was struck by the statement. The quote was " Balance in life is the way to achieve a blissful life". This sentence is very true and yet I feel so very hard to achieve.

Well each and everyone of us tries to achieve balanced life. However, for some it might be the easiest thing to achieve, still for some after many attempts, this seems to be too far. The search of happiness, contentment, satisfaction always goes on. Its easier for us to point out to someone for not making enough efforts. However, do we really know, how many times the same person has tried and failed.

Suddenly, my eye caught another quote, while I was deeply involved in thinking about this. The quote said, " Time and god are the best healer." Yes, its true, whenever we reach a point where life seems to be an end. We break and almost feel we can never make a move, however, when we try crawling, sometimes latter we learn to live in that pain. Time does not heal the wound, just gives us strength to bear the pain.

Today, almost all day long I was thinking about this quote. Few minutes ago I happened to read the editorial column of today's newspaper. Guess what? The article posted there was "The Gateway to Bliss". Many a times, the same thing has happened that when I try to reason out something, that I don't understand or probably something that lingers in my mind, I get the simple answers in editorial page of newspaper. I wonder how someone knows that today I will think about this and writes the entire story just meant to help me.

Sometimes, I feel somewhere really God is there, who is connecting to me through these editorial columns. LOL... it sounds silly but what do I refer this as. Why do this happens to me so many times? Anyway, still the paper could not clear all my doubts regarding BLISSFUL LIFE. But, made me smile by looking at the article. I must say I am still not grown up to understand the concept of enlightenment, giving away attachments, unconditional love and all.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A visit to Puri last year

Last year on my trip back home, we had plans to visit Puri. I do not remember exactly how many times I have visited Puri. However, this remains my favourite trip back home. Almost every time we start our journey very early in the morning and make sure we reach Dhauli by 9 AM. The calm and silent environment of Buddhist monastery and the Stupa attracts many crowd. I love the view of river Daya and Bhubaneswar from the hill top. This is the place where the famous ruler " Asoka the great" had transformed himself after winning the battle against Kalinga. He then took up Buddhism and channelised all his energy in spreading Buddhism, peace and tranquility.

There are many rocks with inscription of Asoka's administration. The famous among them is the rock with elephant figure with the inscription of Asoka. The place is in a hill top and thus, the sun rays in morning along with the cool breeze makes you feel the calm and serene environment.

Then we directly went to Puri without halting at Konark. Since, it was Karthik Masa, there was huge crowd. And the traffic police diverted us towards the sea beach instead of entering the Bada Danda. Somehow, we managed to get back near the temple but had to park our vehicle a few meters from Jagannath temple.

This was noon time, however clouds had covered the sky and there was no Sun and hence climate was looking perfect to us. By the time we reached Puri temple, rain had started. There was low pressure and this had developed into rain. The water droplets were too cold and there was no place to hide. We all predicted the rain to stop in an hour, so after keeping our foot wears we went inside the temple. My younger brother had kept all the four or five mobile phones. And there was a strict checking of phones. The police caught him. And he replied to them promptly, however, they did not allow us to carry mobiles inside. By this time we were all completely drenched in rain. So, my maternal uncle and my brother stayed back. Me along with my Dad and Mom entered the temple premises. The rain water had by then collected in the entrance room. And it was reaching our waist. Somehow we managed to cross the room among so many devotees and made our way through the 22 steps towards the temple. There is another gate like structure at the end of the 22 steps. We had to enter that too. There also water had collected,as the priest were not allowing anymore people to enter the main temple, it was crowded.

It was too bitter to stand in cold water, completely drenched and that too there was no place for standing properly. Gradually, the number of devotees in that room started to grow. There was a newly wedded couple, one group of Sri chaitnya devotees, few elderly women. Few widows who had come for Habisha(ceremony to appease Krisha in form of Jagannath mostly done by Bharmin Widows). I had hold my Mom in one hand and my Dad had hold another hand of mine. Somehow, I was afraid, as my Mom is too thin, and I worried if someone stamps her feet, then it might break. She had one hand sandwiched between two other people. And my main fear was she might get hurt. The flow of water went on increasing as there was no passage for water. All the devotees were praying loudly so that the rain might stop and they could have a glance of the Lord. However, we three almost at that time decided not to wait there and return back. We could not see our beloved Lord, however we were happy to be not part of any stampede. Coming out of that crowd and that room was not so easy either. We were at the middle of room by the push and pull of people. Somehow, all three of us made our way back. The rain had no sign of stopping.

There was no way to visit the Anadbazar also. So, we decided to purchase the prasad available outside. Then again we came back to the first and main entrance. There is an idol of Jagannath in this room. We bowed before him and came out of the temple.

After, coming out my brother and maternal uncle told about an stampede in the main entrance which injured some elderly person. They were also very anxious about our well being. The rain had caused so many problems that we were not able to get our foot wears from the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper wanted us to wait for the rain to stop so that he can search where it lies. Finally, after an hour or so the rain slowed down.

However, the crowd increased even more. So, we decided not to enter the temple premises. My mom told its good to visit Jagannath temple in the month of Karthik. And we have come to Puri, so it will give us same benefit as it was to after we see the Lord.

Then we went to the sea beach. Too hungry and feeling too cold because of all wet clothes. We had not taken any extra pair of clothes as it was one day, to and fro plan. In the sea beach we had to give an coconut offering. So, we did that and then ate hot and spicy chat. Still, it was not sufficient for us to overcome the hunger. Then we made our way back to Cuttack and on the way searched a Dhaba. For me it was only after my engineering day that I had been to Dhaba, I was much excited. However, the Dhaba was not up to expectation. The food was normal, I must say below Dhaba standards, however, I was too hungry. When in hunger, everything tastes good.

That was an awful travel with all wet clothes. Feeling chill and even not able to get some crunchy snacks,which can make you feel hot inside. I always loved pakoras along with tea or coffee at home. During rainy season this was something that I always demanded. Thankfully, we reached Cuttack soon. Never, had felt so better reaching home after  visiting Puri.

Missing you Kunu

Don't know how to express the feeling, I am just making an attempt to express it as best as possible. My first friend in  Cuttack was you Kunu. We became friends as we both were of same age and same batch. I miss the days that we spent together chit chatting about our colony girls and boys. I miss the view from your roof top, the garam gossips that you used to keep ready to be served.

I could still feel the same laugh of yours when I first attempted to ride a cycle. I can sense the same excitment with which you made me to taste the Bannana cutlet prepared by you. Don't know what made you to go so far that I can never see you again. And why did you choose this Maha Shiva Ratri Madam, every year you make me remeber you on this day.

Last year, for the first time after your depart I went to your home. I always avoided to visit your home, as I know its painful to see Aunty in tears. I know she can never resist my presence and I will always remind her about you. Still, one day I had to face her.She misses you badly. Even though she had got an eye operation done, she was unable to control tears. And I had a strange feeling that you will come from other room and greet me with much excitment.

You remeber the Ganesha Puja and the Kudurukuni Puja at your home. I miss the puja's, our decorations and then getting Puri with Dum aloo for fasting.Those days were so wonderful. Never thought of one day I will be alone and only I can remeber them.

What do I say to you? Should I be angry or sad? Should I be happy thinking you most have got another life? Don't know what to do with these stupid feelings. However, I really miss you.Earlier, I always had plans to visit you during my stay in Cuttack. But, now I am lonely. I don't have to plan visiting you. I don't have to think of the gossips and I don't have anyone now to flood me with information of our colony.

I miss you dear. And just can pray to god that he should be able to help you where ever you are. He should not make life so complicated for you that you need to take another wrong decision.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Katak" --- Cuttack

Where do I start? I am confused may be lost. Readers forgive me if I appear to be lost somewhere in middle.

I came to cuttack to stay for a longer time in 1997, may be July or August. At that time my father had got a transfer from Munger to Cuttack. First few days, we stayed with one of my father's friend. It was the State Bank Colony near Shelter Chhak. And my journey with Cuttack, thus started. As me and my brothers got admission to DAV, my family chose to stay in Abhinav Bidanasi (CDA colony). Eventually, we all liked the place so very much that, my father decided to settle down in Cuttack than in Bhubaneswar.

Before coming to Cuttack we all had a view that Cuttack has only galis(narrow and clumsy roads). It is no better than Bhubaneswar. Well, Abhinav Bidanasi(CDA colony) transformed our view altogether. Unlike the old city of cuttack, there are few places where Cuttack is expanding and these are planned. And most importantly, Cuttack has everything that you need at about 2kms of your reach. Unlike Bhubaneswar where you need a bike to get your basic necessities. These were the things for which we all decided to settle here.

I have no other way feel for Bhubaneswar or any other place, now I don't even feel them as two different cities. Yes, its true when you settle down somewhere or stay for about a yr or more at a place, the feeling of "Its mine" automatically comes. I feel the same attachment for all those places where I have been with my family. I still feel my longing for Munger and Jamalpur, though I know that I will hardly visit them again in my life.

Cuttack is where my family unites each year from 1997. So, the attachment is much more with it than with any other place. This attachment only drove me to write about it first over any other place.

Cuttack the former capital of Orissa, a more than thousand year old city. Yes, the clumsy and narrow roads taking you to Sahi's is what the eternal part of Cuttack.

Now, lets start with the name of Cuttack. Katak is the only name which when reversed pronounced the same. The word means Army cantonment and the capital city. Thus, the name itself justifies it.

According to history, the city was named Abhinav Baranasi meaning new type of Varanasi. As Varanasi is situated between Varuna and Assi rivers, Katak is situated between River Mahanadi and Kathajodi. Thus, it derives it name as Abhinav Baranasi. Well, for all those non Oriya friends, in Odiya both 'Ba' and 'Va' are pronounced the same. So, instead of Varanasi it becomes Baranasi.

Cuttack became the Capital city of Orissa after 10th century in period of Somavaransi dynasty. Cuttack rapidly got its importance after the Chodagangadeva rule during 12th Century AD. The formation of Barabati Fort took place during this period by the Ganga ruler Anagavimadeva III. The remains of the Barabati fort is visible near Barabati Stadium. The gate of Fort can be seen that lies few metres apart from Barabati Stadium. The reminance of the nine storied fort is present near the Mahanadi river.

Then, Cuttack passed on to the hand of Mughuls and then to Maratha's. From then on this city flourished as the trade and commerce head of the state. The Stone Embankment of Cuttack by Baimundi in 11th century is an wonderful example of engineering technique applied to stop the water from Mahanadi to enter inside the city.

At present, you can see the Army cantonment and district magistrate and other high official residency inside the Barabati fort. One part of it is used every year for the famous Bali yatra ceremony. Unlike other parts,this place still remains to be silent and cool place of Cuttack.

Now, that you know little about the history of Cuttack let me take my privilege to make you know about the deity of Cuttack. The Cuttack Chandi temple that lies near about 1km from Barabati fort, with Maa Chandi as the presiding deity of Cuttack city. This is one of the oldest and most famous temple of Cuttack.

Cuttack is birth place of many freedom fighter, the most famous of them being Subhas Chandra Bose. He was born in Odiya Bazar Cuttack and studied in Ravensaw Collegiate school. The house of Subhas Chandra Bose is now converted into a Museum.

Now,let me tell you about some of the festivals for which Cuttack is renown. Cuttack celebrates the Durga Puja with most number of Durga Pandals after Kolkata. The main attraction here is the Pandal being decorated with Gold and Silver. Cuttack is worldwide known for its silver filigree work. Cuttack exports the silver filigree jewellery and articles. And Durga Puja remains the main show of this art. The artisans engage them self much ahead  of Durga puja in preparation of the silver and gold decorations. This way, they showcase their art and receive order from not only Orissa but other states and countries. Every year the number of Pandals cross 150 and most famous of these Pandals remain Chandni Chowk, Alisha Bazar, Sheik Bazar and Choudhury Bazar. Thousands of crowd each year flung to the city to have a glance of the most pump and show way of celebrating Durga Puja.

The next major attraction is Bali Yatra, which starts on Karthik Purnima during the month of November. This Mela is set up in remembrance of the yatra done by our ancestors to Bali, Sumatra and Java islands of Malaysia for trade. They used to sell the articles that they brought from these Islands on there return. On this day, people take a bath in river Mahanadi and float a paper boat, early in the morning. The Mela is an exhibition of art and crafts. It stretches from Barabati Stadium to the river Mahanadi in one side. And the other part remains inside the river basin. People visit here to taste the thunka puri, dahibara aloo dam and other eateries. The trade of household commodities is in large.

The most famous eatable remains the Dahi Bara and Aloo Dam, which is combination of three things, namely, the Curd Vada, the Dam Aloo and the Ghuguni prepared with yellow matar. The chatpatta tangy and spicy taste is unique and this remains the most famous and lovable food of Cuttack. In addition to this, the Chats and Gup Chup are widely available and loved. Apart from this the Chhenna Poda, Rasagola remains the most loved desert of Cuttack.

Still after writing this long passage,I feel I have not written completely. May be I am forgetting to add some more. Well, as my journey and understanding goes, I will portray it hence forth. But, yes with this I am going to put an end for today.

Hot Summers with Sizzling Ideas

It was little difficult for me today to get an appropriate adjective to describe Summer. Its time for people in India to prepare for the upcoming Summer'2011. How do you celebrate this season? How many of you actually like Summer?

I just finished reading someones blog and the word Summer stroke me with an Idea to portray it in my blog. As a kid, I wrote Spring as my favourite season, now when I sit back and think, I do not find any best answer why I liked spring. Instead, I find many ideas to why I should have been fond of Summers over any other season.

So, here I dedicate this to Summer. Well, yes Summer is hot, longer and the scorching heat is never something that anyone would love about. However, what about the ice-creams, barf ka gola, cold drinks, kulfis and many more ? I am fond of all these and additionally I love the juicy mangoes.

As a food lover, this is the season that makes me love the traditional dishes made especially for summer. Be it the Pakhhal Bhaat (watered rice) with Besar Machha Bhajja ( Spicy fried fish) or with badi chura and aloo chatni, or the Aam ka Panna (Cool Raw Mango juice) or the Khatti Aam ki Chatni. There are so many traditional dishes to name that especially are made in summers.

As a kid, I loved summers just because there was the longest holidays for 2 months. Aha! Who don't love vacations, and visiting one's own village or any hill stations. During my schooldays, we always made trips to hill stations. And that was something that made me wait for Summer's to come. I loved the homemade ice-creams made by mixing milk with squash. My mom used to set ice-cream everyday. And I had learnt to prepare custards by the time I was in 8th. So, everyday there was ice-creams and custards along with Mangoes.

The last year summer is also remarkable as I had lots of Mangoes. There was not a single day of Summer when I did not had my favourite fruit Mango. Be it in the raw form or ripe. We prepared the Aam ka panna everyday night and stored it in freeze to sip the cool drink the next morning along with breakfast. In the weekends it was time for Aam ki chutney to be added with other dishes.

Its not just that there was this traditional cool drink from mango, we had lots of Rooh-Af-Jah, Khash ke Sarbat along with many varieties of squash and buttermilk. There is another good thing for all food lovers, be it the traditional dishes or modern, the amount of oil and spice takes a back seat in this season.

So, for me this Summer is going to be too exciting as I am getting ready to explore new dishes that consume less oil and spice and would satisfy my taste buds. I am ready to have lots of Mangoes and if time permits I would definitely make a trip to some place. But, yes the truth is now I don't get 2 months Summer Vacation.!!!!!!!!

So, buddies now you also plan something exciting to make this Summer too Hot to resist. And don't give a damn to the scorching heat.

Wish you all a very Happy Summer Season!!!!!!!!!!

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