Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Getting excited about your life

Hi Readers,

We all have come across some point in life, where getting excited about life becomes difficult. I have had times, when I just passed the time mechanically doing things. My soul and heart was not at all excited. I had many advises from my friends and my family. But, seriously nothing seemed to encourage me.

In those time, my youngest brother said, " Didi, just keep watching TV, at-least you won't think of weird things, concentrate on what you are watching and you will pass an hour of your life being less depressed." True is not it. My Mom,  my best friend and my youngest brother would try hard to console me, to encourage me and to divert my mind each and everyday for at-least six months. Yes, it takes time. And all such weird things happens to all of us. The only difference is what seems so much easy for me, might be quite difficult for another person. Each of us makes our own castles of hope, dreams and we bound us with a rule that is made by us and is followed by us. We set a code of conduct and when some incident breaks it, we find it difficult to face.

God has given everyone different ability. Some have greater abilities to cope up with adverse situations and others feel forced to cope. That's it... It is a state in which one person readily copes and other finds it difficult to cope.

So, if you are in such kind of a situation, where you feel trapped and you find no reason to get up and get going. Then do one thing, just keep your mind busy with what ever weird that can divert your attention. Watch TV if you like, go shopping, watch movies one after the other, or try to watch movies in other language that would need you to read the transcripts. This way, you will pass couple of hours being less depressed for something that is beyond your reach to change.

Sooner or later, forced or readily you will move from this trapped zone to a better state of mind.

Another way that I followed is, just watch the less privileged. Laborers working in building construction site for example. They do so much of physical labor, at the end of the day, they get wage that is enough to get them a days meal. If they could save a little, that goes to meet the meal on days when they have no work. How little they get, but are they so much unhappy? No. Are they not alive? Yes. Why? Because, life needs very minimal things to meet its need. It needs food twice, irrespective of what you eat. It needs a set cloth and a roof above your head. It never requires, wonderful meals, lavish house and trendy clothes. Then why need all this. Just to meet our ego. Nothing is going to harm us if we can still be happy with whatever we could eat, wear and live with. Its our ego, our wishes, and list of want. The best part is nobody really knows what you wish or want, unless you share it with them.

Once, you feel little better, try to be good in everything you do. Say, you like cooking. Try to improve it a little better each day. Say you like blogging, try blogging in a better way. At-least try making your blog more attractive, more useful or more funny. If you like eating, try eating healthy. Try exercising, try reading books or try improving your knowledge on anything that you really want to do. This will slowly make you excited and get you back in life.

Always remember you are not the only one facing life's critical phase. This is a challenge to overcome and you have ability to do this. Life gives us challenges to make us more stronger and this phase will make you emotionally stronger.

May god restore peace in your life.

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