Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Missing you Kunu

Don't know how to express the feeling, I am just making an attempt to express it as best as possible. My first friend in  Cuttack was you Kunu. We became friends as we both were of same age and same batch. I miss the days that we spent together chit chatting about our colony girls and boys. I miss the view from your roof top, the garam gossips that you used to keep ready to be served.

I could still feel the same laugh of yours when I first attempted to ride a cycle. I can sense the same excitment with which you made me to taste the Bannana cutlet prepared by you. Don't know what made you to go so far that I can never see you again. And why did you choose this Maha Shiva Ratri Madam, every year you make me remeber you on this day.

Last year, for the first time after your depart I went to your home. I always avoided to visit your home, as I know its painful to see Aunty in tears. I know she can never resist my presence and I will always remind her about you. Still, one day I had to face her.She misses you badly. Even though she had got an eye operation done, she was unable to control tears. And I had a strange feeling that you will come from other room and greet me with much excitment.

You remeber the Ganesha Puja and the Kudurukuni Puja at your home. I miss the puja's, our decorations and then getting Puri with Dum aloo for fasting.Those days were so wonderful. Never thought of one day I will be alone and only I can remeber them.

What do I say to you? Should I be angry or sad? Should I be happy thinking you most have got another life? Don't know what to do with these stupid feelings. However, I really miss you.Earlier, I always had plans to visit you during my stay in Cuttack. But, now I am lonely. I don't have to plan visiting you. I don't have to think of the gossips and I don't have anyone now to flood me with information of our colony.

I miss you dear. And just can pray to god that he should be able to help you where ever you are. He should not make life so complicated for you that you need to take another wrong decision.

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