Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Handmade birthday card

Hi Readers, 

I am sharing with you the card I made for my Mom on her birthday. I liked this card because of its simplicity.
I used two card stock one in grayish green and another with tiny flowers to make the base of card. I tried the circular pattern over it. I made it with brown and pastel color card stock to make a batch like image. I have given the edge of both the circles a spark of glitter. 

I have then made the three tier cake with three candles as the batch image. I added a puffy sticker from Disney series to decorate it. Additionally, I have added a tag technique to write "Happy Birthday Mom".

In the above and below image you can see the tiny Rhine stones that I have placed in a circular pattern.

In the above picture you can see the multi-color stones that I have added to give a different look.Below is the image of tag that I have made with brown and orange card stock. I have added a thread with a tiny tag to it. The word "Mom" is written with my handmade card stock that I painted with red and white colors.

In the below picture, I have used the same three tier cake with three candles to decorate the inside paper of card.

In another side of inside paper I have made a three tier gift with card stock papers.
I have also written the same line" Happy birthday Mom" in below image.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

My creativity with handmade cards

Hi Readers,

I am sharing a handmade card that I have recently made for my brother on his birthday. Now, the email and e-cards have replaced the cards that we used to share when young. However, the charm of getting a solid card over e-card is more. I thought and finally put my hands on to make a card for my brother. I used 4 different card stocks, ribbon, acrylic glitter colours, packaging material, Rhine stones, craft punch to make this card. Have a look at the front page below.

I divided the card into four major division. In one I made a three tier cake, in another I pasted a puffy sticker. In the third one I wrote Happy Birthday with acrylic glitter and in the fourth one I made a three tier gift box and wrote my brother's nick name.

Take a closer look at the first division, where I made a three tier cake with marker, acrylic glitter and small Rhine stones to decorate the cake. This gives a good birthday cake image to the card making it more birthday oriented.

The second quadrant is decorated with a puffy sticker and few tiny Rhine stones.

In the fourth quadrant, I made a gift box stock with packaging material and paper strap.

I have decorated the edges with acrylic glitter and Rhine stones at the base of my brother's name.

Now comes the inside page of card. Here I used a string with few flags saying CELEBRATION. Below is the bigger image of the three tier cake and down the right hand corner is same replica of three tier gift boxes. In the left hand corner there are few punch flowers and maple leaf.

Take a close look at the 3 tier cake with 3 candles in the below picture.

Take a closer look at the string with flags.

Below is the three gift boxes tied with ribbon.

Lastly, the punched flowers and leaf on display.

handmade gift wrapping ideas

Hi Readers,

I am sharing with you some personalised way to wrap your gifts. In the below picture I have used printed scrap sheets and a multi colour thread to package it, with colour paper tags  to give it a different effect. This packaging can also be done with newspaper. This is a good idea to recycle old papers, printed sheets and old book papers. It is also very easy but a good personalized creation to stand apart in crowd.

In the below picture look at the left hand side box. This box is also packaged with printed sheets, upon which I have added a paper flower and two paper straws. I have also stamped circles with bottle cap. And finally added a brown ribbon to give some colour.

In my coming up post I will show you ideas by which you can package with brown paper usually used by school children to cover up their text books.

Hope, you would have liked the ideas, please leave your feedback in the below comment section.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

handmade envelope

Hi Readers,

Now, I am presenting you some easy tips to make your own envelope that adds dimension to your cards or letters. This is really easy to make and makes your gift stand apart.

In below pictures I present to you only a few varieties. In my upcoming posts I will show you more easy to make enevelopes. In the below picture, I have first spray painted drawing sheets with just the colour blue and brown. The spary is light and evenly distributed. Secondly, I drawed spirals in one sheet and wrote "HAPPY" in another sheet. I also dabbed colour blue in shape of flower it another sheet. Lastly, I had put dots of colour brown and made spirals with colour brown.

After turning these painted sheets into envelope , I made the flap with orange colour paper, just make it distinct.

In the below picture, I have made envelope out of vintage lyrics sheet. This looks awsome as it gives a complete new look.

In the above picture , in one of the envelope I had made a punch hole and tied a tag with strings to it. This looks different and serves the purpose of closing the envelope without gum. In the below picture, I have made envelope with printed sheets, that was no longer in use. This is wonderful to recycle the sheets instead of shredding.

The above picture showcases another way to close a envelope with punch hole and strings. This not only closes the envelope beautifully but also allows to add beautiful tags with your personalized message.

Hope you would have liked the idea of making personalized envelopes. Please do leave your comments and feedback in the section at bottom.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking out your time to read it.

The rakhi thread

Hi Readers,

Rakhi Purnima is coming on next Thursday 2nd Aug 2012, and I am here to present you simple idea to make your own handmade Rakhi. The thread Rakhi symbolizes, protection, love and brotherhoods. Traditionally, Rakhi thread is tied by sister's on their own brother's hand, to remind them that brothers would protect their sister forever. Though, I do not see this appropriate to the modern generation. I being the eldest among my siblings do not feel my brothers would require to protect me. Yes, definitely at hard times, I would like my brothers to stand with me, but why it should be just one sided? Can't I protect my brothers? What about the times when I taught them, stood for them and protected them. Why should the vow be taken only by boys, is it proving that this society is still divided in the name of gender.
Yes, such questions not only arise in my mind, but would have been raised by many others.Though, this symbolizes that our society is dominated by masculine force, still I would prefer to forget the wrongs in it and would look at the good points. I just do not tie Rakhi on my brothers hand but also place it on my Lords feet. This is traditionally followed by all Hindu to give Rakhi to Our beloved Lord,we pray that God will always be with us and would be their to protect us from all the evils.

Sister's not only tie Rakhi on their brother's hand but also on their sister-in-law's hand. This is good point is not it, not just brothers but their wife's are given equal power. This thread spreads brotherhoods. We not only tie this on our own brothers, but also to those, whom we have accepted as our brother. This way we are spreading the love of brotherhoods. So, I enjoy this festival with its good spirits.

This year, I took initiative to make everything personalised. And thus came up with simple idea to make my own Rakhi threads. I have made them with Ruby and turquoise beads. First, I have pasted them in the circular pattern on a small piece of cardboard and then I have attached the strings. As time did not permit me to meet my brother's on this holy day, I have couriered them and they both liked it. I have already got my part of comments and compliments from my brothers. And now I am sharing this with all of you to make your own threads. If any of you have better ideas please to leave them on the comment section. Please leave your valuable suggestion and comments in the comment section.

Thanks for taking time to read my post.

rakhi cards

Hi Readers,
Rakhi or Rakhshya Bandhan is on its way next week on 2nd Aug 2012. I remember my school days, Rakhi used to be one of the most fun filled days. I have studied in six different schools as my father had a transferable job and we all moved with him to different places. It was at Jajpur that my school hosted this festival with much pump and show. We were given free Rakhi from school and were asked to tie them on as many people as possible to spread the tradition of brotherhood. It was fun to tie them on hands of people who were our father's age. I and my best friend Rupa after doing this activity, used to tie the remaining all on my brothers hand. We used to fill his both hands with rakhi's. He was in so much love with this that he used to demand us to tie more, so that he can show his friends how many rakhi threads he got.

Now, we all are too busy in life and do not even have time to spare to come over to each others place. Since, I could not make it to meet both my brothers on Rakhi day, I have replaced the simple Rakhi thread with Rakhi cards and thread. The card that reads a line that appropriately suits the special occasion. This time, I took another initiative to make the cards on my own. It was fun thinking about my brothers and their liking, choosing colour and Rakhi cards with appropriate size and thread to appeal them.
Both my cards and Rakhi's have been delivered to their respective places and I have got good remark from them.I am sharing my idea to make the occasion more personalised with my Rakhi cards and threads. Hope, this will also be liked by you all, who took time to read out my post. Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions below.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Handmade Owl love card

Hi Readers,

It is now time to showcase wonderful Owl Love card. This card is made out of love symbols of various sizes. This Owl is very cute and easy to make. No doubt this is a wonderful card to gift someone special. This is quite easy and can be made by kids. It hardly takes 30 mins to get it done. And you can write your message in the body of Owl or at the back side. If you want you can mount this owl in another card stock to give it a different look. I have used only three card stocks to get it done. The eyes can be painted or can be made by paper cut outs. Hope so you liked it. Please leave your comments and suggestion below. Your words are my inspiration to make it better.


handmade love box

Hi Readers,

Now, its time again for me to showcase some of my handmade gifting solutions. I had made a simple and small love box containing handmade tags and chocolates. This is a wonderful box that takes hardly 30 mins to get it done. The material is also easily available at any stationary store. Two card board piece, card making stock, ribbon is all that I have used to make it. I had filled with the decorative packaging cloth and tags made out of newspaper. In my next post I will showcase more about the tags. The pink and red hearts gave it a wonderful and elegant look. Have a look at them below and leave your valuable comments. Your comments are my inspiration to grow.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some more crafty boxes

Hi Friends,

Here is a picture collage my gift boxes. These all are similar to my previous experiment wi th acrylic glitter colours and free hand motif design. I have also tried making a di fferent look and feel with tissue paper covering to givn a different feel. I will be posting more images of the tissue paper box in my up comming post. However, now you can view it in the picture collage with a yellow red combo box.

The other experiment that I did was with printed sheet covering and paper cut out design. The white boxes with red and black hearts is made using that technique.

Hope you would like it. Please post your valuable comments and remark in the comment section.

Thank you for visiting.
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