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Urmila, wife of Lakhsman, was known for her intelligence and painting skills. In the epic poem of Ramayana, Urmila is regarded as a virtuous woman with lots of patience and tolerance. Though there is very little description of Urmila and her role in Ramayana, she plays considerable part in the Ram's exile.  I am making my best effort to describe such an auspicious and noble lady.

Urmila was one of the sisters of Sita, who got married to Lakshman on the same day as Ram and Sita. When Ram was sent to exile, Lakshman came to Urmila to inform his desire to go with his elder brother Ram. Hearing his desire to accompany Ram and Sita, Urmila expressed her willingness to be with Lakshman, like Sita. However, Lakshman replied that he is going to serve Ram and Sita, so he cannot take Urmila along.So, Urmila decided wisely to stay back so that on no circumstance, Lakshman be deviated from his duty. Lakshman, also took a promise from Urmila, that she will not cry when he is leaving for the forest, and would continue the same in his absence. He also wanted her to take care of mother Kaushlaya, Kaikayi and Sumitra. Urmila obeyed her husband and also extracted a promise from Lakshman that he will not think about her during this 14yrs and would concentrate on his duty.

Urmila never showed the sign of worry for Lakshman in these 14yrs. Though she lived in the Palace at Ayodhya, she observed "Vanaprastha". One day, Kaushlaya visited Urmila's room, at that time Urmila was meditating. So, Kaushlaya remained silent and waited for Urmila to complete her meditation. When, Urmila opened her eye, she saw Kaushlaya there. After she vowed to Kaushlaya, Kaushlaya admired her will and said " How at this tender age, you are not being deviated from your duty and you show no sign of worry for Lakshman?,This pain of being separated from my sons and daughter in law, is hurting so much. then how you are having patience though you are separated from your husband?" To answer this concern of Kaushlaya, Urmila, narrates the duty of a good wife. She said that a good wife is one who could inspire her husband to perform his duty, and is not the one who becomes an obstacle in his path. Lakshman has gone to serve his brother, so she should not be weak, rather than worrying about him she should take care of his mothers.

At the time of battle, when Lakshman faints, and Hanuman goes to get Sanjeevani for him, Bharat saw him on the way. Hanuman informs him about Lakshman's critical condition. Later, Bharat gives this news to Urmila, Kaushlaya and Sumitra. Hearing this news , Urmila did not show any trace of fear or worry. However, she said that " My husband's heart is filled with the name of Ram. Therefore, he is perhaps sleeping peacefully. All the pain is for Ram. No danger can befall on him. He will always remain safe."
The tapasya that Urmila did made Lakshman stronger. He was able to kill Indrajeet and Meghnad who were considered equally powerful as Ravana.

In the exile period of Lakshman along with Ram and Sita, Urmila continued to paint the scenes of Ram and Sita's marriage. She continued to take care of mother Kaushlaya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. She tolerated the pain without showing little signs of worry.

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  1. awesome explanation ... she was also as auspicious as Sita.


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