Friday, March 4, 2011

Blissful life

Today morning, while reading the quote of the day, I was struck by the statement. The quote was " Balance in life is the way to achieve a blissful life". This sentence is very true and yet I feel so very hard to achieve.

Well each and everyone of us tries to achieve balanced life. However, for some it might be the easiest thing to achieve, still for some after many attempts, this seems to be too far. The search of happiness, contentment, satisfaction always goes on. Its easier for us to point out to someone for not making enough efforts. However, do we really know, how many times the same person has tried and failed.

Suddenly, my eye caught another quote, while I was deeply involved in thinking about this. The quote said, " Time and god are the best healer." Yes, its true, whenever we reach a point where life seems to be an end. We break and almost feel we can never make a move, however, when we try crawling, sometimes latter we learn to live in that pain. Time does not heal the wound, just gives us strength to bear the pain.

Today, almost all day long I was thinking about this quote. Few minutes ago I happened to read the editorial column of today's newspaper. Guess what? The article posted there was "The Gateway to Bliss". Many a times, the same thing has happened that when I try to reason out something, that I don't understand or probably something that lingers in my mind, I get the simple answers in editorial page of newspaper. I wonder how someone knows that today I will think about this and writes the entire story just meant to help me.

Sometimes, I feel somewhere really God is there, who is connecting to me through these editorial columns. LOL... it sounds silly but what do I refer this as. Why do this happens to me so many times? Anyway, still the paper could not clear all my doubts regarding BLISSFUL LIFE. But, made me smile by looking at the article. I must say I am still not grown up to understand the concept of enlightenment, giving away attachments, unconditional love and all.


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