Monday, September 15, 2014

Spiritual text and Spiritual preachers

Hi Readers,

Yesterday, while going through speaking tree section of Times of India, as always I read and understood many subtle facts of life. I read a passage from Osho on "Love and hatred", then I read another article of Swami Nityananda on Yoga and Mind. These preachers have left their families, their parents, their siblings and many of their loved near and dear ones. They stay alone or with their followers in Ashram. However, all of them are well versed about the subtle meaning of life. They understand suffering and can beautifully make a large mass of people understand and agree to what they say.

Looking at Lord Gautam Buddha, who left the pleasurable life of a King in search of suffering, he came back with a golden understanding of all our sufferings. One question erupted in my mind about these wonderful spiritual leaders. How they could understand human life, its sufferings and subtle meaning of everything that passes through human being? How they get the right words to explain all these phenomena? And why after actually suffering and going through these pains in daily life, we do not understand Life's subtle meaning? Why even after getting lot of lesson's from our daily life, we suffer inside our mind? Why we are so attached to everything , every feeling good or bad? And how these blessed individual not only understand these basic rules of life, but also help us in removing all kind of suffering.

I do not know why these Guru's had to live an ascetic life, when they understand this world so very beautifully. Had they taken up worldly life, they could have been successful in keeping everyone around them happy. However, this is a biggest contrast in itself that we who do not understand worldly life, we do not interpret suffering but still lead  this life. Those who really understood it, have taken a life of asceticism.

I read out Buddha's teachings, Chankaya's teaching, all sort of Hindu scriptures so far. All of them explain how we should nurture our mind and body that it gives us strength and courage to overcome troubles. I liked Buddha's simple way and I like these spiritual Guru's article that gets published in everyday newspaper.

Some of our near and dear one's suggest following one Guru, but I choose to follow all of them via newspaper. There is no harm following and understanding  what they have to say. Many a times, I get my answers, in these news paper and I feel as if someone knew my questions and have made effort to explain me the subtle meaning.

If some of you feel in a similar manner, my simple and easy solution is to open the spiritual column first thing in morning. Go through thought of the day, and the Guru's who have expressed their views on worldly life. This is one therapy to calm mind and get courageous to start a new day of your life.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Is it easy to forgive? How to make it easier?

Hi Readers,

After a long time again I am back with an emotional subject "Forgiveness". Is it easy to forgive? Please ask yourself is it easy? We have judiciary system in place which ensures punishment for any wrong deed. Then where is forgiveness.

Forgiveness is talked about when someone does wrong to you, have hurt you badly. It could be anyone but the subject is mostly emotional. It has no materialistic object attached to it. Someone be it your parent, sibling, friend or a companion who has broken the soft line of trust, there it is expected that you forgive that individual and move ahead peacefully.

We need to forgive someone not for that individual but for our self, because that liberates from a burden. It is always easier said than done.  When an individual realizes their mistake and ensures he/she apologize for the same, it becomes easier for the other individual to forgive. But, when someone hurts you, but behaves as if it was alright, then it becomes really very difficult to forgive.

In today's age as we are becoming impatient and  vulnerable to not take a NO as an answer, forgiveness is also not coming to us easily. But, we all make mistakes.We make mistakes, but do we apologize? When we sincerely apologize before someone, that person certainly feels good, a little better that you have at-least realized your mistake. Just like touching someone's feet in Indian custom or greeting someone as you meet, make the other individual to bless you or to suppress their anger. In a similar way when you seek forgiveness, when you offer sincere apology, it reduces the pain you have caused in first place. The person might not immediately forgive, but definitely would take your apology and would feel better than before.

Speaking logically, we have judiciary system which ensures punishment  for wrong deeds mostly materialistic, but in case of emotions, there is no such rule to punish anyone. Only thing is it can rule a separation. But, separation does not punish anyone. If at all it punishes, it is for both individual. Emotions cannot be counted with money, so what would be the best punishment. Is this not a flaw in judiciary? And how do we decide what affects whom. How can we decide on behalf of other that which is less or more painful. As a society we could not come up with a better solution for emotional harm. We human beings with all powerful brain , could not come up with a better solution. So ,we have made this forgiveness. You have just two choice, live with a grudge or forgive. Even if you are the mightiest creature on earth, what can you do to a fellow creature who have wronged you? Our system demands proves, something as subtle as emotion seems to have no value. But, this subtle feeling, causes the most suffering.

You need not have to carry the grudge around, because you have not done anything wrong. Even if its tough, you have to slowly move away from that person, you have to divert your mind, you have to find peace somewhere with something or someone. It can still come back to you anytime, but gradually it just makes you feel uneasy for a certain period of time and then you are alright again.

But, yes once you have been hurt emotionally, never do the same to anyone else. Because, you are the best person who knows very well how painful it is. Never give that suffering to anyone consciously. Do not let anyone feel similar pain just because of you. If you have hurt someone, immediately seek forgiveness. Live peacefully and spread happiness.

Thank you.

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