Friday, March 11, 2011

Bavre se Mann, ki dekho bavri hai baatyein----

       Bavre Se Mann, Ki Dekho Bavri Hain Baatein
       Bavri Se Dhadkaane Hain, Bavri Hain Saansen

This is dedicated to all boys who continuously try their silly and superb ideas to impress girls. You must be thinking why this as a topic. Well, it’s about some very funny ways that guys do to impress girls.

Guy next door trying to impress neighbor:-

One of my friends had got bed bugs in her bed, which she came to know about after many days of her suffering from their bites. The moment she came to know about it, we all planned to throw away the two mattresses that she was using. That night as it was already too late, and we were not aware where to dump, we planned to shift them to our roof top. We had few extra mattresses with us. So, she took one out of them for her use and remaining were shifted to our balcony. In order to disinfect them we planned to put them in sun.

This balcony was common for two flats and our neighbors were two guys. We left the entire mattress in balcony before we went to office. On return, we were amazed to not find a single mattress outside. The guy next door informed us that, he thought it’s going to rain so he has collected all the mattresses and kept it inside his house. Well, it’s not that he had collected the mattresses from our balcony but also from the rooftop. Oh God, he had mixed the bed bug infected one's with all other. And, we had nothing to say as this was first time that the fellow was interacting with us.  Though, we were not sure how to react, just said plain thanks to him. However, we kept laughing at his act all throughout night.

It’s fun to see boys and their wonderful ways to impress girls. He did not even feel the presence of bed bugs. He would have got great rewards in the form of bed bugs in his room. I have never, heard about someone being so humble to bring our infected mattresses from roof. Huh! this is surely  going to be one of the funniest way to help and impress girls. LOL!!!!!!!!!

College going teenager’s choice:-

During, college days it was fun watching guys trying to impress girls in lot more funny ways. In hostel, everyday a set of guys would come to collect notes, practical records from a single girl, had they been interested in study they would have managed with good notes over a girl making the note. :) Most of the Guys, say "I LOVE YOU" on APRIL FOOL's day, thinking if girl says yes then its wonderful otherwise they would escape rejection by saying its a joke.  Many boys try gifting expensive gifts on Valentine’s Day followed by their formal proposal too. Boys can even go to the height of fighting among themselves to get cosmetic for a girl. Boy's never realise that their staring at girls never make girls feel better, and no girl can be impressed by someone who continuously stares,as if he is going to gulp you as a whole.Guy's even attempt to compliment or comment the girl rigorously, whom they actually admire.

Huh! So many ways to impress girls, however see the facebook of these guys, it would be flooding with quotes and wallpapers that post against girl. My question is why you need to impress girls when you think they are dumb, fool and all non-sense?


  1. ha haa........ its superb..... College going teenager’s choice:- ,, U mentioned that those are Teenagers's... so no bad feeling. bu liked....

  2. Thanks Anonymous,

    This article is based on my knowledge and understanding of boys. Ofcourse, teenagers make such attempts more often than grown ups. Well, needless to say I have no wrong feelings for any gender. This is just funny attempts made by guys and to be enjoyed all.

  3. Actually u cant say its only fun for Girls.. Boys do hav fun wid dis kind of activities For girls.. Wht i felt like u r a girl so u mentioned from Girl's perception.. so simple & nice..

  4. You are correct Mr... I am just wrote down about girls perception... :)


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