Thursday, May 8, 2014

Growing older and wiser :)

Hi Readers,

After a long pause I am back again. What do you think what kept me away from my blogging sites? The reason is what do I write, then I had other things to shift my focus and partly because I was busy. Spent quite a lot of time reading.

Let me share how I feel now. I feel I have gradually become more patient, I have been quite calm and understanding. But, I wonder what made me develop these characteristic..? When my Mom used to ask me to be more patient some five years back, I used to get irritated. But, now my family especially my Mom agrees that I have become more patient, more soft.

What has basically made this change in me? May be as I am growing older, I am getting wiser... :) :)
Or may be as life pushes and pulls me through one problem and the other, I am growing resistant to being angry and upset with these things. Now, when problems come, I read motivational books, I spent time wisely on things that really matter. I have learnt the basics to skip things, flip my focus from a negative thing to positive one. I appreciate people more, I try to see their positive side and ignore negatives.I respect people who have faced many troubles in life but still gathered courage to either let it go or struggle and come out as a winner.

I do not know what more to say or analyse as to how I did this, from a young impatient person I am gradually growing as a patient listener. May be my acceptance and letting go of things helped and contributed well in developing me as a better person than yesterday. And yes this journey is not going to stop but I am sure it will go slow but will make me better and better person as I grow. I do not know how successful I could be in today's time. Whether I could make all my dreams come true, but yes I know by the time I will die, I would have been a much better individual. And, of-course in my long term goal I have a point to build character, being nice and being a better person. I know with my effort and God's mercy I will surely achieve this goal of mine. Feeling awesome with my achievement in this regard.


May God restore peace in your life...

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