Monday, June 30, 2014

Donkey in Pit

Hi Readers,

I am back after a long pause with another short story. May be most of you already know about it. However, I am still sharing it.

A Man's favorite donkey fell into a pit. The man tried his best to pull the donkey. However, he could not pull it out, no matter how hard he tries. So, decided to bury the donkey alive. He kept pouring soil from above. The donkey feels soil, shakes the soil and steps on it. More soil is poured on donkey and he shakes it off and steps up. The more load was poured the higher it raised. By following same process, finally the donkey was out of the pit and grazing in green pasture.

The moral is after shaking off(shaking problems), and rising up or stepping up(learning from problems) one would graze in Green Pasture( lead a better life).

This story is really very small one, with a good message to convey. 
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