Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flying high

Today's headline, made me to write this blog. Last time that I travelled back home, for the first time, I happened to have a lady Pilot. As far as I remeber her name was Preeti, Sirname I have forgotten. I was so happy that day to hear a Women pilot. More delighted to see Women emerging in every field.

However, today the headline made me to fear, its not for the lady pilots, but for the fake certificate that was caught after finding a women pilot, landing wrong way. More so worried, because its INDIGO airlines to make headline. As Indigo is the cheapest and daily two flights to BBSR, for which I preferred it. Though, I did not like there service very much, I was happy to get flight in reasonable rates.

Don't know what to say about India's development with fake that is everywhere. When I was a in Std 6th, my teacher once said to whole class that we need to score high to get admission in college. I was worried the whole day, as I saw everyone going to college. I was worried to know how could everyone get more than 80% score. Well, I had no knowledge of Science, Commerce and Arts at that time. Never knew according to college and subject the score varies. When, I completed my engineering, came to know that you can get job with fake marksheets too. There is fake in everything from being employed to your scores in school and colleges.

Today, the height of fake is getting Pilot license with fake certificate of passing the test. Don't we fear of taking lifes of so many people that board a flight. What is our safety in these things? I fear the roots of fake is in everything. Someone, making hard attempts to get it and someone with fake attempts. Great comparision all together. Only thing that matters is who is caught first. There is no use pointing to any proffession and people, as this is something widely known. And no use fearing being an Indian by blood. Is not it??

But, yes Indian making healine for fake is something that I really hate. I want to see Indian praised everywhere, not looked down upon. I want to see the newspaper heading with Indians as winners in every field. Its not that Indians are not prasied or honoured for their acheivements, but some of us are pulling the efforts of many who have acheived fame for our country. Why cant we take inspiration from people who acheive after a long struggle than finding short-cuts to acheive the same glory? Do we lack inspiration and motivation to struggle a bit more, that we try the short-cuts in every sphere? Please think seriously, what we will give the next generation, ways to find short-cuts or can we motivate them to struggle and put in enough efforts.

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