Friday, December 28, 2012

Sankashti Chaturthi Dates for year 2013

Sankashti Chaturti (Which is dedicated to lord Ganesha) is an auspicious day falls on krishna paksha chaturthi in a Hindu lunar month. Below are the dates of Sankashti Chaturti in 2013. Ganesha devotees observe a fast (fasting – upvaas) on Sankashta Chaturthi Vrata days. Here are Listing Sankashti 2013 or Sankashti Chaturthi 2013 dates. 

01st January 2013 (Tuesday) Angarki Chaturthi 
30th January 2013 (Wednesday) Sankashti Chaturthi 
01st March 2013 (Friday) Sankashti Chaturthi 
30th March 2013 (Saturday) Sankashti Chaturthi 
28th April 2013 (Sunday) Sankashti Chaturthi 
28th May 2013 (Tuesday) Angarki Chaturthi 
26th June 2013 (Wednesday) Sankashti Chaturthi 
25th July 2013 (Thursday) Sankashti Chaturthi 
24th August 2013 (Saturday) Sankashti Chaturthi 
22nd September 2013 (Sunday) Sankashti Chaturthi 
22nd October 2013 (Tuesday) Angarki Chaturthi 
21st November 2013 (Thursday) Sankashti Chaturthi 
21st December 2013 (Saturday) Sankashti Chaturthi

Monday, December 24, 2012

Rangoli, Kolam and many more

Hi Readers,

I am attaching some of the easy to make rangoli's or Kolam made with dots.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Alpana Rangoli and many more

Hi Readers,

This year I tried a number of different variants in Rangoli during Margashira month. In this Marghira month as per Hindu calender the month following Karthik Purnima, is celebrated widely in Odisha to appease Goddess Lakhshmi in the form of MANA BASA GURUBAR. Here are some of my Rangoli's below. I will dedicate the next blog few more of such Rangoli's .

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