Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More altered boxes

Hi Friends,

Recently, I have altered few boxes at home to store my craft tit bits that used to lie here and there and made a mess. These boxes helped me to organize my crafty stuff more efficiently and hence reduced my work to assemble these small things after I finish making any craft. I have got a lot of cardboard boxes which received as gift wraps. I was thinking to alter them but never had patience to create similar stuff as before. I hardly like making similar stuff anyway, but needed them so made a few. I have also started working on other creative idea's to decorate these boxes, let's see how they turn up.

Below, I am sharing few pictures of the recently made boxes. Hope you enjoy them, and please do send in your feedback. If you want me to show you how I made them, then please post your comment, I will try to make a tutorial.

In this I have used punched flower and leaves beside my usual 3D outliner color.

This one is made using printed A4 size sheets with paper cut outs and punched hearts.

This is the final look of the first box I made

I am working on this unfinished box with tissue paper decoupage technique. I have used crimson yellow with brick red, but not sure if I would keep the same color going. Let's see how it will turn up in my upcoming post. 

If you wish you can have a look at my other altered boxes in the link below.

Thanks for stopping by my post.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another recycled project for place mat

Hi Friends,

Today, I am presenting my yet another project on making place mat. This is made by using strips of nylon fabric cut from old dupatta's and then using the stuff as threads to make a single crochet place mat. Hope you will like this one too. Have a look at it and send in your valuable feedback.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Special Message from saint Kabir Das

Hi Readers,

Wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day. Sorry for the late wishes. On this Valentine's day I remembered the famous two line verses of saint Kabir Das and would like to share with you all.

"pothi padh padh jag muwa pandit bhaya na koy, dhai akshar prem ka padhe so pandit hoy"

The lines are very heart touching. Saint Kabir Das explains the eternal truth of life in the above said doha. According to him, to be a wise man reading books is not sufficient. But, more the understanding of love in life, he becomes wiser. To understand this doha in its true perspective is important. We all read and have good educational qualification and now with tremendous media exposure, we are seemingly more informed.Everyone seems to know everything. Yet, the truth is that in spite of all this information, there is no awareness. We are not at peace. There is a lot of frustration all around. Our minds are not quiet and relaxed.
 We talk of Love but have no compassion. Selfishness, greed, fear, hatred and similar tendencies seem to grip us all the time. Kabir in this doha shows the way, in his simple but dynamic style. He daringly says that despite all our readings, despite all our knowledge, we cannot become wise. Only if we 'read' Love, become loving and lovable, only then wisdom will dawn on us.
 Only then Life will be worth living. People will remember us after our death for our loving attitude, not for the knowledge we have gained by reading books.

On this Valentine's Day, I wish all of us become more lovable person, we all make attempts to spread happiness, love and may god help us all achieve this more than we did before in this respect.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Shankasti dates and time of moon rise for year 2012

Hi Readers,

Today, on the auspicious occasion of Shankasti, I am sharing the date and time of Moon rise. I wish my prayers along with thousand other devotees be granted, Lord Ganesha may bestow his blessings upon us, and take away  all the hurdles from our life and remove all impurities from our heart. He may show us the path to reach our desired destiny and make all our life more harmonious.

" Ohm! Gam Ganapateyah Namah!"

DateMoon rise
Thursday, January 129:17 pm
Friday, February 109:03 pm
Sunday, March 119:44 pm
Monday, April 99:32 pm
Wednesday, May 910:20 pm
Thursday, June 79:57 pm
Friday, July 69:28 pm
Sunday, August 59:24 pm
Tuesday, September 4 (Angarika Santashti)9:15 pm
Wednesday, October 38:32 pm
Friday, Novermber 28:43 pm
Sunday, December 29:09 pm

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