Thursday, November 25, 2010

Digital will:....Have you ever thought of your internet accounts after your death?

This post is taken from an email that I received today... To my thinking digital will can be a solution to today's internet world,and our internet accounts and information for our nominee.So, I am posting this inorder to create more awareness about it. In India, this is still a big question about digital will...Please read on about it.

Other than the physical existence, we all have a digital self of our own today. And in this digital life, we also have our assets in digital formats. What are these 'soft' assets then? Well, email accounts, social networking accounts, internet banking accounts and data stored on PCs are some of those. Have you ever thought about what will happen to these digital assets after you die? Probably it's time that you ought to. And a digital will is the best way out.
A digital will, also called an 'Internet will', is the document that legally bequeaths a person's digital assets to his heirs. It contains a list of websites each with user names and passwords, along with other information needed to access the site. The will-maker can ask someone to email his friends and colleagues to report his death. He might give a son access to his online bank account or may give a daughter rights to his online savings or pension. Compared to a paper document, a digital will is safer, and can easily be kept up-to-date.
In order to create a digital will, first a digital inventory needs to be created. A digital inventory is nothing but an index of a person's 'soft' assets. Then it is the authentication of the will-makers digital signature that comes next. After that, within a day or two, the digital will can be made ready, according to a cyber law specialist.
A Delhi businessman opted for a digital will in April this year for the first time in India. The digital will allows his successors to access private mails in his inbox and other digital archives including personal photos, albums, documents, correspondence and video clips after his death.
Although the concept of a digital will still to get momentum in India, countries like U.S. are working on ideas where a person's digital information can be accessed by his kin after his death. A San Francisco-based company allows people to upload and store all personal passwords and documents which are then emailed to pre-chosen contacts after their death.
There are very few internet organizations that have developed a policy for dealing with deceased customers. Popular social networking site Facebook's policy states the company will never release login information to anyone other than the account holder, even after death. A few years back, it instituted a policy regarding how to handle the profiles of deceased individuals. There are two options that a dead person's family members could choose - Facebook will delete an account permanently upon the family's request or converting the account into a memorial profile.

While Yahoo ceases accounts of dead account holders, Google, that runs Gmail (email), Orkut (social networking) and Picasa (online photo-sharing), gives access to his kin under certain conditions. It needs full name and contact information of the person, a verifiable email address, the full header and content of an email he has received from the dead person's account, a copy of the death certificate and a copy of the document that gives the person authority over the email account. It may be a long process, but can be avoided by creating a digital will.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ways to make life easy again..

We often think life was pretty easy when we were young. We had no fear, no tension, no plans and no results to come up. We always feel the old days could make a comeback and we could enjoy like kids.

Yes, it’s possible to make life easy again. As we grow old we complicate things. As a child we had no knowledge of what we own, how we look, what others have, how they look. With age, we compare our living with our peers. We compare the way we look. We compare on everything that is around us. That is the reason why we say god truly smiles with the smile of a kid.  We find happiness when we are satisfied that we have is enough, and the next moment someone tries to cross this, we become unhappy. As a child we fell thousand times before standing up. We fell thousand times before learning to walk. We cried but we never gave up the process of falling. However, when we grow, we hesitate to fall. We decide on an advance that everything should go on in our favor. Rather than solving the problem which caused us to fall, we avoid it all together.
As a child we used to value promises a lot. All of us would remember the time when you become angry with your Dad or Mom for not taking you for a picnic or not preparing your favorite cake. However, when we grow up, we follow the elders in making and breaking promises. We forgot the pain that caused us to cry for breaking simple promises, however now we make bigger promises and break them so easily. Some promises that we make to external world and some to our own people. However, all are broken.
As a child we never used to read someone’s mind before talking, however now as a grown up individual we try to see what the actual motive of the person, even before starting the conversation.
As a child we politely admitted what we liked and what we did not. However, as grown up we try to be as much diplomatic as possible. We hesitate to say a simple sorry or apologies for our mistakes. We try to make our living simpler by putting others into complicated situation. We count more on what we don’t have and rush towards achieving it, than counting on what we have. We forgive less, forget more. We love less and expect more. The inner peace gets vanished when we try to see our faults and our miserable state that we cannot even apologize for our mistakes.
We return even the slightest bruise or pebble thrown at us with cannon. We as grown up we are more revengeful; we try to foresee the future. But, we forget future will unfold by itself.  We try to impose our wishes on our parent, child, siblings and everyone around us. However, we forget that god has decided the best for us. We forget that we cannot change the future and the nature.
There are many ways that can make our life easier, below are few points.
1-      Never make promises that you intend not to fulfill. Try to fulfill the first promise that you make before you make another.
2-      Don’t lie a person just for your selfish interest.
3-      Welcome everyone with a smile. But, don’t consider everyone as a friend. Instead, nurture the relationship that really matters to you.
4-      Don’t be good to someone if you really don’t mean it.
5-      Learn to apologies. By being sorry, you will not be the weakest one, but even stronger to accept your mistakes.
6-      Live below your means. Don’t buy stuffs that you don’t require. And don’t buy something out of jealousy.
7-      Follow your heart. Don’t waste your time fulfilling someone else’s dream and desire.
8-      Say “I love you” as many times as possible to loved ones.
9-      Be thankful to the people who help you.
10-   Help someone, when you are held up in traffic than cursing for being late.
11-   Make mistakes, learn from it and don’t be pessimist that you cannot overcome it.
12-   Realize that you are never quite right as you think you are.
13-   Be curious to learn new things.
14-   Accept the truth, rather than proceeding with another lie.
15-   However, good or bad the present situation is, it will change very soon. Accept this truth.
16-   Health is wealth. So, take good care of your health.
17-   Remember, money cannot buy everything.
18-   Not only try to maintain relationship in your life, but also maintain life in your relationship.
19-   Don’t spend time and thoughts on people who only think about themselves, who do not care about you as a person or who don’t care about how you feel. Place your time on someone who will add colors to your life. Life is too short to waste on empty conversation.
20-   Compromising does not mean that we are wrong and someone is right. It only means that we value our relationship more than our EGO.
21-   Relationship is like books. It takes few seconds to burn. But, it takes years to write. So, preserve your relationship.
22-   We think something will happen and we will be happy, however, it’s our inner self which can make us happy or feel sad. When we are in bad mood even slightest noise makes us feel irritated. Try to devote sometime to yourself. And learn to do something just for yourself. Make yourself happy. When you are happy then everything will seem to be happy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Collision of egoes

This blog that I am writing has been taken from a newspaper article,which inspired me a lot and hence, I am sharing this with everyone.

We cannot be successful in either the external world or the internal world while we are tossed about by a powerful ego.What is required is a strong will.
The difference between ego and will is that the ego is blind but the will has vision.Will has its source in the pure Self.Ego springs from a false sense of identification with the external world,and is usually concerned with preserving self-image and self identity.Ego is characterised by stubbornness,selfishness,and unwillingness to compromise.
The ego is like a little pool.An ego logistical person is like a frog crouching in that little pool-his world is small,his boarders insecure.He has only a vague awareness of the trees encircling his pool,and he cannot begin to imagine the frog-filled marshes just beyond.From his perspective,only his own voice are meaningfull.
The power of will,by contrast,is like a spring whose source is the pure being. It infuses mind and body with enthusiasm,courage,curiosity,and energy to act. In spiritual literature this force- the intrinsic power of soul is called - ichha shakti,and it is from this force that all aspects of our personality,including the ego,derive energy to carry out their activities.
Becoming successful in the world requires a strong will,and that strong will needs to be properly guided so we develop a strong personality.A strong personality exhibits tolerance and endurance.It has the power to vanquish and punish an opponent,but chooses to forgive and forget instead.When we are egoistical,on the other hand,we demonstrate our weakness by answering a pebble with cannon.
We lose our composure the moment our feelings are even slightly bruised.We have a hard time forgetting the injuries we have received from others,but an even harder time remembering how much we have injured others.
All problems-at home,work,in politics,everywhere-are caused by colliding egos.These problems are not overcome by one ego dominating others,but by a person of strong will and clear vision coming forward and overshadowing the trivial egos of those who are quarrelling.
A strong ego is as much of an obstacle in spiritual practice as it is in worldly matters.The stronger the ego,the bigger the hurdle it will create.However,the solution is not to kill or weaken the egos but to do our best to purify,transform,and guide it properly.We can do this by employing both our intelligence and power of discrimination.When we meditate,practise contemplation,pray,study the scriptures,serve others,and seek the company of the wise we make our ego pure and less confined,and this in turn inspires us to move one step forward.As we do, the purified ego,accompanied by a sharpened intellect,gets a glimpse of the next level of awareness,and naturally aspires to reach it. Thus, the ego becomes the tool for purifying and expanding itself,and in this way the petty ego is gradually transformed into an expanded,more purified ego.
This transformation must be end with the ego dissolving and becoming one with the pure Self and experiencing its union with the Universal Consciousness.As the ego of a dedicated seeker merges with the infinite,all confusion disappears,the veil of duality lifts,and the purified ego sees the whole universe in itself and itself in the whole universe.

"Life is break the rules...."

There would have been many stories which had come up this way and we had heard the issue of Euthanasia in our newspapers now and then. However, this is my first experience in seeing it in characters,played wonderfully by the charming and handsome magician - Hirthik Roshan.

First, time a movie made me realise the pain seeing one's own close ones suffer and plead for death.

Recently, my neighbour and cute little sister Jeenie died of Thalassemia. I met her just week before her death. Could not believe she is no more just after a week. Thalassemia is the genetic defect,which could be either either mutation or deletion, results in reduced rate of synthesis or no synthesis of one's globin chains that make up hemoglobin.In simple words, the blood formation is either deformed or does not happen up to the requirement of the body. People affected with Thalassemia major undergo treatment that requires chronic blood transfusion therapy.

Usually, thalassemia is detected at an early age and the child hardly completes his/her teen age. Jeenie lived 13 yrs and finally left all of and the suffering that she went through these years.

We definitely miss her and her sweet talks. However, we are happy that her suffering finally came to an end. When I watched this movie Guzaarish, tears came in my eyes thinking of Jennie and her parent. How painful it would have been for her parent when they would have come to know that they have to watch their small child struggling to live and finally one day, she will leave them. How would have they managed their emotions while watching little Jennie undergoing blood transfusion therapy.

There are many such painful and chronic diseases that not only makes one paralysed but puts the whole family into a paralysed state. Hats of to the hero's who overcome such physical pain and set themselves as a good example, they help others emotionally. Hirthik as radio jockey helped many find the real answers of life.

However, what is life? How seriously should we take life? When we watch our near and dear ones struggling to live... Indeed the line is beautifully written and well said...

" Life is short... so break the rules... forgive quickly,kiss slowly,love uncontrollably,and do not regret for something that made you smile. "
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