Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Every problem is an exam to pass.

Few years back, when I was a student, I was never afraid of giving exams and specially passing them. It was always my aim to top it rather than just clearing my papers. However, at that point of time, I never thought that life will make me to stand in some place where I would require to give exam everyday. And there will be only two option that is Pass or Fail. Here, if you pass its acheivement and if you fail then you are left with no choice.

In last 6 months or so I have rejected two good oppertunity to join major IT firms, with great pay packages. Just because I have to think of my personal life more seriously than proffessional. The situation has so arised that its beyond my scope. Don't know why but somehow I am not able to take decision in favour of my career.

I somehow feel, it would have been far better to be a boy. Atleast, from day one I could just focus on carreer and oppertunities than think of family. It would have been so much easier for me to get into something where I want to be, as my focus would have been just my career. However, being a girl, I sometimes feel where to focus and which can be neglected. No choice, I have to manage everything, and its very risky and confusing as to what all things I can do and which can be thought of afterwards.

Sometimes, I fear I will lag behind from my peers(male), just because I am responsible for a family apart from my job. This is not the story with me alone, with every girl child.

Inspite of all this, I somehow have a feeling inside which says, " Go on give it your best effert, when you feel you can't. Why to fear when you know you can't? If you could make it possible then hurrey to your spirits or else console that you already knew it."

Todays quote says " Take every problem in life as a exam to pass." I wish I could know howmany exams I need to clear. What to do, the drama of life will go on even if I fail or pass... So, just left it. Left trying to pass exams.. just going on where life takes me.

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