Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ohm! namah ganesha vighnesha girija nandan prabhu

"ohm! namah ganesha vighnesha girija nandan prabhu
mama vighna nihatyashu sarba sidhi pradho bhaba"

I do not know how many of you have heard about Angarki Chaturthi or Angaraki Sankasti. The Sankasti which falls on tuesday is considered as Angaraki Chaturthi. It is celebrated in every month on krishna paksha chaturthi. Angark symbolises the planet Mars(Mangal).

According to Hindu mythology, Angark is considered to be the son of mother Earth and Rishi Bhardwaj. Angarak acquired knowledge from his father Rishi Bhardwaj and then meditated on Lord Ganapati to get is blessings. He appeased Lord Ganesha, and finally lord Ganesha appeared in front of him on Magh Krishna Chaturthi and the day was tuesday. Lord Ganesha was very pleased with his devotee and wanted to fulfill his wish. When he asked Angark to ask for any blessing, Angark expressed his desire to have his name attached with Ganesha forever.Lord Ganesha granted his wish and proclaimed that whoever prays to him on an Angaraki Chaturthi will get his/her wish fulfilled.From that day on Magh Krishna Chaturthi is called Angaraki Chaturthi.

It is believed to have more power than any sankasti. As per myths, one who observes Angaraki Chaturthi gets benefits equal to a series of Sankasti's observed in a year.

Though, Ganesha and Sankasti Puja is only confined to Karnataka and Maharastra,one who wants to pray to Ganesha for removing obstacles in his/her path, could observe a fast on this day. In the evening he/she needs to worship moon before taking food.

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