Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hot Summers with Sizzling Ideas

It was little difficult for me today to get an appropriate adjective to describe Summer. Its time for people in India to prepare for the upcoming Summer'2011. How do you celebrate this season? How many of you actually like Summer?

I just finished reading someones blog and the word Summer stroke me with an Idea to portray it in my blog. As a kid, I wrote Spring as my favourite season, now when I sit back and think, I do not find any best answer why I liked spring. Instead, I find many ideas to why I should have been fond of Summers over any other season.

So, here I dedicate this to Summer. Well, yes Summer is hot, longer and the scorching heat is never something that anyone would love about. However, what about the ice-creams, barf ka gola, cold drinks, kulfis and many more ? I am fond of all these and additionally I love the juicy mangoes.

As a food lover, this is the season that makes me love the traditional dishes made especially for summer. Be it the Pakhhal Bhaat (watered rice) with Besar Machha Bhajja ( Spicy fried fish) or with badi chura and aloo chatni, or the Aam ka Panna (Cool Raw Mango juice) or the Khatti Aam ki Chatni. There are so many traditional dishes to name that especially are made in summers.

As a kid, I loved summers just because there was the longest holidays for 2 months. Aha! Who don't love vacations, and visiting one's own village or any hill stations. During my schooldays, we always made trips to hill stations. And that was something that made me wait for Summer's to come. I loved the homemade ice-creams made by mixing milk with squash. My mom used to set ice-cream everyday. And I had learnt to prepare custards by the time I was in 8th. So, everyday there was ice-creams and custards along with Mangoes.

The last year summer is also remarkable as I had lots of Mangoes. There was not a single day of Summer when I did not had my favourite fruit Mango. Be it in the raw form or ripe. We prepared the Aam ka panna everyday night and stored it in freeze to sip the cool drink the next morning along with breakfast. In the weekends it was time for Aam ki chutney to be added with other dishes.

Its not just that there was this traditional cool drink from mango, we had lots of Rooh-Af-Jah, Khash ke Sarbat along with many varieties of squash and buttermilk. There is another good thing for all food lovers, be it the traditional dishes or modern, the amount of oil and spice takes a back seat in this season.

So, for me this Summer is going to be too exciting as I am getting ready to explore new dishes that consume less oil and spice and would satisfy my taste buds. I am ready to have lots of Mangoes and if time permits I would definitely make a trip to some place. But, yes the truth is now I don't get 2 months Summer Vacation.!!!!!!!!

So, buddies now you also plan something exciting to make this Summer too Hot to resist. And don't give a damn to the scorching heat.

Wish you all a very Happy Summer Season!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Reminded the days .aahhh what a time it was,, fruits like mango , Jack-fruit.. so many ... Now not getting any chance . Actually the days when V r Kid were awesome. mostly Summer cos of 2 month Holidays and a must Trip to Village and for me i was waitin for that only to take bath in Village Pond & River... Missing it ...

  2. Thanks Anonymous... Hope you too enjoyed the summer this year..


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