Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Don't change your nature but take precaution to avoid getting hurt.

Hi Readers,

Today, I am going to narrate a story that has been passed from ages. However, the actual story has been modified a little to avoid getting hurt. Here, goes the story...

"A saint saw a scorpion drowning and decided to pull it out from the water.He calmly extended his hand to reach the creature.

When he did, the scorpion stung him. With the effect of the pain, the old man let go the creature and it fell back into the water. The man realizing that the scorpion was drowning again, got back
and tried to rescue it but then again it stung him. He let go of it again.

A young disciple standing by, approached the saint and said, "Guruji, you are going to hurt yourself trying to save the evil-vicious creature, why do you insist?

Don't you realize that each time you try to help the scorpion, it stings you?"

The saint replied, "The nature of the scorpion is to sting and mine is to help. My nature will not change in helping the scorpion."

So the saint thought for a while and used a leaf from a nearby tree and pulled the scorpion out from the water and saved it's life.

Do not change your nature.If someone hurts you, just take precautions. Some pursue happiness while others create it. Let your conscience be your guide in whatever you do."

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Indian's faith ruining India

Hi Readers,

After long time, I am going to write again on some personal experience. But, before that let me start with a question, What is the quality of these Fake Godly Men/Women that they convince a large mass? They must be possessing very good managerial and Human relation skill set. I doubt, people who head the HR team in top most and reputed organization could beat these Godly men in actual people management skill.  No doubt,they know and have mastered the art of using communication skill to convince any individual on grounds of faith.

I have good laughable story on account of Asharam bapu( infamous Godly man) who is making it to headlines every other day. I was in 10th most probably, when this man had paid a visit to my school (DAV Public school). Don't know how my school authority granted him permission to give student his lecture on faith. May be school authority, did not knew what he was up to or might be they thought it will be some kind of Yoga. This man had a Ashram just in front of our school.

He came in a white Ambassador Car which was protected in same way as politician's. It had two protecting  Ambassador Car's,one preceded it and one which was behind it. I do not remember all that he talked, but yes he made us utter HARI OHM!! thousand times. Before, he left he said, one who takes Saraswati Mantra from him, will never fail in exams. What a crap???

Its true Goddess Saraswati is associated with knowledge and education, but had this been that easy that one utters Saraswati Mantra and would pass in exam, parents would not bother sending pupil to school. Our class teacher Sneha madam, made good comedy of this on the eve of Children's day. It was worth a good laugh.

When I went to college surprisingly my roommate was a firm follower of Asharam Bapu. I was really amazed to see her chanting some Mantra everyday morning.Though, It is a good practice to sit in Padmasana and do some exercise & calm mind by chanting some powerful mantra, however she actually worshiped Asharam bapu. She had picture's of him on which she would decorate with flower, and would do tilak   What a great practice? In Hinduism we never put flower or flower garland on a living individual, but she did it. Her Guru, Asharam Bapu was actually God for her. So, this was acceptable to worship him the way we would do for other deities.

When we became friends, I shared the incident that had occurred in school, but she was upset with me. She said me clearly that she never hurts my belief then why I am doing that. True enough, I can't hurt someone's sentiment. So, I never said anything to her, instead I allowed her to keep my Lord Jagannath's pic beside her Asharam bapu's pic.

In later years of our engineering, she also convinced two other fellow batch mates to take up Asharam bapu Dharma. I do not know if she still believe's on this Fake Godly man or not, so I am not going to reveal her name.

We all graduated as Engineer's, but see what a foolish act, these wonderful ladies never used their brain and just followed this fake Baba. I just wanted to know what this Godly man promised them, that they got convinced so very easily.

India and Indian's are not only robbed by bad politicians but by fake baba's and fake people who promise people to double and triple there invested money in a very short span of time. Be it the Saradha scam or any other chit fund scam. Why our faith fails to identify that we are being cheated? When a genuine insurance agent from LIC approaches us to listen to the new scheme, we don't listen to him. Why?? Just because we know LIC will never pay us bonus beyond a stipulated amount.  But, when a fraud chit fund agent explains that our money will double overnight, we do not give a thought before handing him our life time saving's. It is really painful to watch retired senior citizen who handover all their hard earned money to fake chit-fund companies and when this company vanishes after looting them, they complain. Some, even end up taking their own life. But, why did we allow these fraud and fake people rob us?

May be its our greed that is ruining us. We are greedy to become rich overnight, so we do not have patience to wait and allow our saving's to take time and grow. We are greedy to achieve something spiritually and may be satisfy our-self that we are religious, we approach fake baba's and we easily get convinced by them.

Blaming government is easy solution for all our troubles, but my question is has government asked us not to give a thought and use our intelligence before taking such decision. Faith on dubious Baba's, politician and chit fund's is going to ruin India.We Indian have to stand against these fake people.

Satyamev Jayate!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Handmade birthday card


I am done with birthday card for my younger brother.  I have made a gender neutral card that goes good for both the gender. Below are few pictures of it. Hope you like it and you would like to try this too.

Thank you.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Shiva or Krishna:- Whom do you believe?

About five years back, my close friend asked me this question, " Whom do I believe? Which God do I love most and have my firm faith on? " I just thought for a while and told Lord Hanuman. She said Hanuman is a form of Shiva or Rudra so you are Shaivait. Well, even today I am not clear and I am really confused whom do I love the most.Which God do I have firm faith on.

I worship almost every important God head in Hinduism. I keep Monday fast for Shiva, I worship Ganesha on every Sankasti Chaturthy, I do fasting on Navratras. Yes, I do not keep fasting on Janmastami as it is my Mother's Birthday. Well, if her birthday would not have fallen on Janmastami I would have kept fast on that day too. 

My everyday worship starts with Mantra's of Ganesha, followed by all other deities. So, whom do I believe most. When I visit temples, it is not because I have faith on the God head but because that temple is one of the well known temple and also  I visit all the temple near my home on occasions. So, from where would I get this answer. 

Yes, as a child I worshiped God as a practice not as a firm belief. May be my parents never forced their belief on us, they just allowed each of us to gradually develop our own spiritual interest. When I completed my tenth, I developed spirituality and faith on God. I knew by that time that, according to Hinduism, only Lord Hanuman is immortal and he is present in that his original form somewhere. So, I developed faith towards him. It was my daily practice from then on to worship him, and utter his chalisa. 

Gradually, my faith on God deepened and by now I believe on more than dozen of God heads and utter their respective Mantra's everyday. I must agree that I am not in a position to judge on whom do I have more faith. Yes, some people make their wish and ask a particular deity to fulfill it and accordingly they believe in that God head. However, in my case I would pray to almost everyone. 

 I know my Dad believes in Vaisnav and my Husband on Shakti. But, I do not know whom my Mom believes more, may be her answer will be same as mine. She prays everyday to almost dozens of deity. This post will appear as confused or may be Hinduism as confused with so many deities. Yes, true sometimes because of this I start believing in Mahima Cult where they believe God is one without any form. He is supernatural or supreme power that guides us. 

In Hinduism we have associated each God with nature, like wind god, fire god etc and also with each aspect of human nature, with specific task and specific way of appeasing our wish. 

I wrote this because, just now I came across a blog, the author is a firm devotee of Shiva and has many post against Vaisnav and ISKON. Do we need to write something against someone's belief. After all we are all humans with same features and the difference is in our belief. Who knows which is true, what is correct? It is immaterial till the time it serves its purpose of existence. We have divided people into so many religions and if inside religion we start fighting, what purpose will the religion have. 

Faith in almighty helps us lighten our stress, helps us in keeping our self grounded and in someway spirituality is the relieving factor in tough times. Almighty is one on whom we leave every unaccomplished and seemingly impossible task to get some miracle do it for us. We curse him, turn to him and bind our faith on him in tough times. The most important thing , this does is relieve us of our stress for the time being. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Handmade Rakhi Cards

Hi Readers,

Time again to share with you my new creations for the coming festive season. I just completed making Rakhi cards for my loving brothers. Last time, I had made cards with same material but different design for both of them. When I showed them, both of them said the card I made for other one is better than what he received. Therefore, I had decided to make same card pattern for both of them. Yes, I can't make a ditto copy as that is too boring to make equal and similar looking cards. So, I choose same pattern but different color to at- least make me feel like I am doing a different one.

So, now my friends you can also choose similar patterns and make your Rakhi cards for the coming Rakshya Bandhan. Wish you all a very happy Rakshya Bandhan ahead.

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