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Tapoyi and Khudurukuni Osa

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After long time, I am back again with another interesting story from mythology. This folklore has given rise to another ritual and worship. The Khudurukuni Osa(Osa means vrat in Odia) which is conducted in month of August-September. Young girls keep fast whole day long and in the evening they welcome Goddess Mangala ( form of Shakti, the auspicious one)adore her with red flowers, and offer Prasad made from broken rice, jaggery and fruits. Goddess Mangala is an amalgamation of Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati. She loves broken rice. In Odisha, broken rice is also used to make Pitha. Broken rice is also used to make kheer and is offered to deities.

Now, let me present you the interesting story behind this Osa. This is the story of Tapoyi. She belonged to the caste of Sadhaba (means traders in Odia). In ancient times, these Sadhaba clan people used to sail from Odisha to Java and Sumtra islands (presently parts of Indonesia), they used to sell various household artifacts to people there and used to carry home other valuable goods. On their trading abilities, today Odisha celebrates Bali yatra on their remembrance. Now, coming back to the story. Tapoyi had seven brothers and she was youngest among them. All her brothers were married. One day, when she was playing with her clay toys, an old wicked Bhramin lady happen to pass by. This Old lady urged her to demand for toys made of Gold, as her father and brother's are so rich. Innocent Tapoyi, demanded for Golden moon as a toy. Her father was taken aback hearing her demands. He however agreed to fulfill her demands. However, her father died before he could fulfill her demands. Soon after her mother also died. Every one, now wondered if the cause behind all this is the unusual demand of Tapoyi, including Tapoyi herself.

However, her brothers and sister-in-law took good care of her. And now, the time to travel from trade came. All her brothers started their journey, leaving Tapoyi with their wife's. Her brother's took promise from their respective wife to take good care of their only sister. For few days, everything went on smoothly. Once again that old wicked Bhramin lady happen to pass by their house. This time, she infused seeds of jealousy and hatred towards Tapoyi in her sister in-law's mind. Urged by this wicked lady, all her sister in-law's started torturing Tapoyi. They gave her only rice to eat, even without salt. They made her herd the goats in Jungle, they gave her torn and dirty clothes to wear. However, only the youngest sister-in-law took good care of her. She provided her with good food, but could not stop the torture from other sister-in-laws.
Tapoyi, was broken by the loss of her parents and torture from sister-in-laws. One day while in forest she saw a group of women praying to Maa Mangala. She went there. They offered her Prasad after the Puja. These ladies advised her to keep fast on Sundays and offer broken rice to Goddess Maa Mangala. Sure enough, her prayers yeilded results, she found the little goat Gharamani, which she had lost before in the Jungle. Her brothers returned before time, and found her crying in sea shore. They swore to teach their wicked wife a lesson. They decorated Tapoyi like Goddess, made her sit in the boat. They called their wifes and asked them to worship the Goddess. When one by one her sister-in-laws would bow in front of her, she cut their noses with a sharp knife, except the youngest sister-in-law. Humiliated these women left home and went to Jungle. They realized their mistakes and prayed to Maa Mangala. They apologized and Maa Mangala restored noses and peace in their life. They returned back home and lead happy and peaceful life.

Thus, in Odisha people pray to Maa Mangala to have peace and happiness in their life. Howevr, the most interesting part is this Khudurukuni Osa is not performed by Bhramin commuinty. All other community performs this puja. Yes, bhramin women do pray to Maa Mangala but they do not perform Khudurukuni Osa, as in the folklore, Bhramin women has been condemned.

Sometimes, knowing this fact, many questions do erupt in my mind. How, all these traditions and rituals came into being? Why do we have Bhramin priest in temples to offer Puja on our behalf? If one wicked lady was condemned for her act, the whole community do not perform this Puja. Then why they perform Puja on other communities behalf. Somehow, all these queries, just make me believe that being the most influential community in ancient times, Bhramin's knowingly came up with social code and conduct that would help them prosper their business of worshiping and amassing wealth. This community suppressed reading of Veda's by other community so that they can fool people. Being a student of Dayananda Saraswati Anglo vedic Public School, I really appreciate Dayananda Saraswati's movement that all people be allowed to read veda's.

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