Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beauty of words

Words are amazing, when put together in correct order they can invoke an array of emotions. Words are too powerful to transform relationships, have life-altering effects. Words along with circumstances could save lives and kill people.

Words gain their best power when accompanied with due action. Empty words without action leads to destruction. Human being have tendency to love, words that are sweet to hear. However, no one loves sweet words which never has any meaning. In other words, these sweet words are termed to be emotional atyachaar or simple "cheat".

We all are taught from childhood to always speak sweet words that would elevate the mind. Especially, teachers in primary school load us with stories about people who continuously lie and its impact. I remember one such story, where a young boy plays fowl with people to gain attention. Everyday, he is in a habit of shouting aloud that the tiger has come to village and seeks the help of people. For first few instances people ran to help this little boy. However, when they realised that this kid wants to create panic, they leave him alone. It so happens that one day that boy really sees tiger and is badly in need of help. He shouts aloud, but this time nobody comes for him. People thought it to be yet another trick of him, therefore, nobody bothered about him and continued with their work.

People take you for granted not only if you say lie, but also if you continue to change your words. Especially, when you linger to boast yourself for what you are. Some, people have a habit of saying and boasting what they are. However, they forget the fact that action speaks louder than words. When they do not perform required action as per their words, the world simply laughs at them. The major question is what is the meaning of empty but sweet words?

One such incident happened recently, one of my friend had a habit of boasting, how much work he can do. He not only says about his own work, however he also makes other's part of job his own. He continued boasting all throughout his office during the initial phase of the project. His teammate got fed up of with his words and boasting nature. This person also had habit of changing his words. He would say to the manager that the work would be done by the end of the day. However, could never complete it on time. Moreover, he tries to blame others for not being able to finish on time. However, on a larger picture, it was hard for others specially manager to realise he was actually portraying others part of job as his own. So, his teammate finally decided to teach him a lesson. When the release date of the project was nearing, the teammate took few sick leaves. That day, it was awful for this fellow to handle the project all by himself. Finally, he repented for his past mistakes. And the whole team came to know about his potential and deed.

So, buddies, never try these sort cuts to rise up. It will be too embarrassing to face your peers, friends and family if you are caught red handed. Be it a lie, a sweet but empty word,all are harmful. They can never do any good to anyone when they have got no meaning. Instead of trying to fool others and thinking world is a fool, try doing something which is actually good. The good might be hard to perform,however will never be painful than these kind of embarrassment.

Now, let see how beautifully we can utilise the same word. There are many ways to say the same thing which could be portrayed with the different set of words that we select and arrange. One simple sentence  could be modified in so many numerous ways, which portrays the emotion of the speaker. Here, words does not just convey our emotion, its also conveyed along with the voice and tone that we use to say them.When ever, you want to get respect, say words that has meaning and also be patient. I have a friend who always shows calm and composer while speaking with anyone. Even if she had to wait for someone for a long time, she would never call up and say to hurry up and be fast. The reason being, she feels people make more mistake when they try to be quick. Especially, when someone is travelling, we should not ask them to be quick. As, your words might trigger the  person that he/she has to be too quick to reach,and might lead to accidents. That intention of her and the way she used to say me over call that, "Don't worry, its not late, take your time and come safe". I can never forget these words in life. Had I been in her place, I would have been more impatient in dealing the situation. She made me realise how our brain cells react to such simple words, to be quick and lead us to make mistake.

Well, my journey with blog started after hearing that my words will have greater impact. That day, one thought came to my mind, impact could be good or bad.If I can destroy with words then I could build with same words. Why should I channelise my energy in destruction rather than invention? So, I thought to put down my thoughts with all the energy not just in my personal diary but here in the WEB. When I try putting them up in WEB, I require more energy to make it my best as it is no more confined only to me.

I got good response from all of you,which I never thought to get. Well, thank you all for visiting my blog regularly. When I see the status increasing, that gives me moral support to keep going. Your comments and compliments also add to it.

            “Words may show a man's wit, but actions his meaning."

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