Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nazca drawings

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Many of my good friends among you already know my interest in "Unsolved mysteries of the world", however, it would be something that most of you do not know. Well, my interest in knowing such things began at a very early age when my Dad spoke to me and my brothers about these as short stories. And, I am still very interested in not only reading about such things but also would like to see them in my own eyes. Many questions come to my mind when I come across such mysterious things, one of them being Nazca drawings.

Readers, I would like to take my privilege in introducing you to these Nazca lines. Nazca lines are seen in Nazca desert, situated in the southern part of Peru. These are drawing in ground over a large area by removing the red pebbles and making the white sand beneath visible. There are more than 70 drawings of animals.The largest one is over 200 meter in area.

These lines were made by Nazca civilization during 400 to 650CE. However, with time, they have re tend their original structure.The mystery behind these paintings is, how could people in those time, view these drawings?How could they make such geometrical figures? And why they made them?

Some, archaeologist say these drawings might be made for irrigation purpose or might be linked to religious beliefs. However, there is no certain reason as to why they have been constructed. And also how these were constructed.Archaeologists have got many wooden weapons that were used in constructing these lines. And it is believed that to appease the gods in sky, the Nazca people created these lines. These lines are only 10 to 30 cm deep. These structures prove the geometrical skill of this early civilization. As the place is very dry and windless, these lines have withstand there original form for so long.

Well viewers, if you are interested in watching the aerial view of such figures, then you can search for them in google map. I am posting two links that will direct you two hummingbird and condor. There are many such drawings. I have posted photographs of humming bird and spider.,-75.031126&sspn=0.316032,0.614548&ie=UTF8&ll=-14.697224,-75.126236&spn=0.001235,0.002401&t=h&z=19,+Peru+(hummingbird+at+Nazca,+Ica,+Peru)&geocode=FcSSHf8dXYCI-ynjYmegQx4UkTEC7JDoZIPgZA%3BCUP-BQmcaTXIFdDQH_8ds1GF-yFF2B_adYntQw&hl=en&mra=pd&sll=-14.777582,-75.031126&sspn=0.316032,0.614548&ie=UTF8&ll=-14.692206,-75.148987&spn=0.001235,0.002401&t=h&z=19

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