Monday, February 11, 2013

Ashok Sundari - Daughter of Lord Shiva

Sometimes back Ashok Sundari made an appearance in TV serial Devon ke dev in Life Ok. I had never heard of Shiva fathering a daughter before. From my childhood I knew Shiva and Parvati had only one son whom Shiva had fathered "Karthik" and Ganesha was son of Parvati alone as he was brought to life from the turmeric paste idol that Parvati made before bathing.

I tried searching for Ashok Sundari in net and found out that she is rarely known. In fact, her name does not appear in Vedas and Purana's. She is mentioned in Gujarati folk lore and was created by Parvati in same way as Ganesha. 

Parvati had created Ganesha out of the turmeric paste (ubtan) that she used to bath. She created a baby boy and then gave him life and called him Ganesha. She wanted Ganesha to protect her and not let anyone enter her bathing place without her consent. In same way, Parvati created Ashok Sundari out of a tree, to find a companion in her. She named her Ashok Sundari, meaning one beautiful lady who can take all grief and sorrows. 

In north India, Kartikey is known as Shiva's elder son and Ganesha younger, however, in south particularly in Tamil Nadu, Ganesha is known to be the elder son of Shiva and Kartikey his younger son. 
In Shiva temples of Tamil Nadu, one occasionally comes across Jyoti, the goddess of light, who emerges from Shiva’s halo and is the physical manifestation of his grace. She is commonly associated with Kartikey.
The idea of devotees ‘creating’ gods and goddess is not unknown to Hinduism. Few realize that Santoshi-maa did not exist in the Hindu landscape before the famous film in the 1970s. Is Ashok Sundari the next of our 330 million gods?


  1. thanks for telling that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thanks! bt is dat all ? in dkdm i'v seen much. She wasn't there when ganesha was made. Mrver she was woken from hr deep tapsya by lord ganesha.and she hsn't been cursed in the serial but she is the dearest of her mother. Wat abt dis?

  3. Hi, I have mentioned that Ashok Sundari came into existence same way as Ganesha, but there is no reference when. Her name does not appear in Vedas and Purana only except Gujurati folk lore. I myself never heard of any of Shiva's daughter until the serial showcased her. So, only my post ends with "Is she going to be the next one in our 330 million god and goddess...?" Hope, you got my point.... anyway I am not some kind of historian or some one who has studied vedas in depth, this is something that I got by web search and I have just written what came to my mind... I invite everyone to share their share of story if you have heard of Ashok Sundari earlier than the story appeared in Television...
    Thank you for reading my post and posting your valuable feedback.

  4. I totally dis-agree with Sharmishtha.
    Ashok Sundari is very much known.

  5. Mr Anonymous, may be you are from Gujurat where Ashok Sundari is known in flok tale. But, yes I belong to a part of India where I never heard Shiva fathering any daughter or Parvati mothering a girl. Up to you what u want to agree or not.

  6. Ashok Sundari can be found in Padma Purana.

  7. Aranyani is another name for Ashoka Sundari and she is meantioned in Rig Veda Book 10 Hymn 146.She is forest Goddess or Vandevi


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