Friday, April 1, 2011

"Bande Utkal Janani"

Today, on the eve of Utkal Divas,I wish all of you a very Happy Odisha Formation Day or Utkal Divas. Along with the beginning of another financial year for India, Odisha celebrates its 75th Utkal Divas. I am just going to write few interesting facts about Odisha and its formation.

* Odisha lost its identity for more than 350 years (from 1568 with demise of last Hindu ruler King Mukund Dev).
* With due efforts from the sons of Odisha, it gained its freedom and independence as a separate state to improve the socio-economic condition of people of Odisha and to stand apart with its own culture,language and heritage. This movement went on for many years and on 1st April 1936 finally Orissa was declared independent state on the grounds of linguistic difference.
* At the time of division it was named Orissa with 6 different districts namely Cuttack,Balasore,Sambalpur, Koraput,Puri and Ganjam.

However, though the day April first has bigger picture of being the starting day of financial year and also the Utkal Divas, we forget these and celebrate the fool's day with much more enthusiasm.

-----------------Bande Utkal Janani------------------------------------------------------------------------

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