About Me


Welcome to my blog and many thanks that you wished to know me. By reading many of my blogs you would feel I am a strict follower of Hinduism and quiet a religious person. But, this is just one side. Yes, I am Hindu by birth. I like all the good aspects of having mythology, story telling and motivating factors of being religious.Faith makes us hopeful and allows us to be positive all the time. However, I still believe religion divides people? Why can't we all be same? Why we need to divide people based on their faith?

I have just accepted life with all the division that man has made. After all these division, based on religion, caste, race & of-course country and continent, is the reason behind hatred and the one responsible for war. I wish we could all come together and make this world a better place for our up-coming generations.

About this blog:-

I just started it without deciding which topic to pick. It is a mixed bag full of all sorts of things, be it spiritual stories, motivating posts or crafts and my own thoughts. This blog is something like me, it does not have any focus on particular subject matter. Sometimes rhapsody and sometimes silent utterance of my thoughts.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your feedback and comments as these are essential for me to improve, so I request you to spend few more moments and leave your valuable feedback for me.

Thanks again !!!

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