Monday, October 3, 2011

Maa Durga Durgatinashini!!

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Today, the Saptami(7th day worship)  puja of Maa Durga has started. From this day onwards till Dashami(10th day) the worship of Maa Durga is celebrated with much pump and show in all parts of India. The four day long puja from the Saptami till Dashami is given more importance in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. Though, Gujurat and other state celebrate this as Navaratri from day one to day nine.

MahishasuraMardini Form of Maa Durga
Maa Durga the name itself has got much more deeper insight. The word "Durga" means which cannot be obtained easily. Maa Durga is believed to be the source of energy(Shakti). She is considered to have two forms one is Knowledge or Wisdom and another Ignorance or Illiteracy. Knowledge or Wisdom controls our vision towards truth and enables us the strength to understand the meaning of our existence.Knowledge makes us more kin towards spiritual form of living and detaches us from materialistic objects. Whereas, Ignorance or Illiteracy makes us more kin towards materialistic form of living thus giving rise to greed for wealth and power. Maa Durga is considered to be the creator of life, she preserves and sustains the existence of life and also is the destroyer or end of life.

She is the origin of all source of power and energy. She has many forms. Like wise the name "Durga" has another meaning, that is Durgatinashini meaning one who eradicates all the evils. She is the one who protects her beloved children from all forms of evil and obstacles. We pray to Maa Durga to get truth its victory over evil. Sri Ram is believed to have prayed to Maa in order to get victory over Ravana and Lanka.

If we think spiritually, it shows that we pray to her to get control of all the ignorance that exist inside us, like the greed for wealth and power. Even if, she is one she is worshipped in many forms, namely the nine forms of Maa Durga and also in form of Maa Lakshmi and Saraswati.

Maa Ambika form of Maa Durga

The Durga Pandal's are decorated with many forms of Maa. In various parts of India, she is worshipped in different forms. Especially, she is worshipped in Mahisashura Mardini form i.e. the form when Maa Durga kills the demon king Mahisashura with her Trident. The Durga Pandal's in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa is decorated with this form of Maa generally. Though, now a days theme based Durga Pandals are visible in every place. In Gujurat and Andhra Pradesh, the durga pandals are decorated with Maa Ambika form of Durga where she is depicted to be calm and rides on a tiger.

Durga Pandal at Hyderabad
It is believed that one who prays with much devotion to the goddess gets all the benefits and also gets his/her wish fulfilled. Though now a days, people not only fast on Navaratri days to get benefit out of these austerities but also to get health benefits that this nine day fast would cleanse their digestive system and make it more systematic than before. Some also follow this to get rid of the fat.

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