Monday, October 10, 2011

Recycled Old clothes to make a cushion cover

Hi Readers,

Today, I thought to talk about some of my work. Well, we all hear a lot about global warming, plotution, price rise etc. We speak about recycling things, and today I present you with my idea to recycle your old clothes.

I thought about recycling clothes some two years back. As I was having a number of old Salwar Kameez, and had no clue what I could do out of them other than donating them. I came about an idea to create other essential things like pillow cover, cushion cover, table mats etc out of my old belongings.
Oneday, I and my friend Sagathika visited our near by shop @Home in Bangalore, and I found many interestingly simple ideas to creat wonderful articles. You won't believe the cost of these cushion covers that were showcased in the shop.

Well, I just bought a simple cushion cover to get the exact measure of it, and cutted my old Dupatta in that measure. As I love to learn new embroidery skills, this was my first time trial of lazy-dazy stitch. I made few flowers, then thought of putting a thicker thread to give a more modern look. I got a Jute thread, cutted it barely in 10 cm length. Got few strands of such thread and then joined them with botton-hole stitch onto the fabric.

I was really surprised to see the outcome of my experiment. I made two beautiful cushion covers in just a single Dupatta.

Still, today, I experiment with all my old clothes, I make a number of articles varying from Pillow covers, kitchen towels, rugs, crochetterd purses, desktop organiser etc. These are really simple craft ideas that any one with just a little bit skill can make.

I would love to get more ideas on what else we can make out of these clothes.I would love to get your comments.



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