Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Ban on Jasmine"

Hi Readers,

Are you aware that our neighbouring country CHINA has removed the word Jasmine from all its dictionary? What was the guilt of this beautiful scented Jasmine? Why did China government has ban on it?

If you search in the Internet with the word Jasmine in China it will reply that there is no such word. The farmers who used to produce Jasmine before 2011, have lost there source of income because the government has a ban on Jasmine. There was a beautiful song in China dedicated to its President which used Jasmine as a word. Now, broadcasting that is also banned. After all why did this all happen, what was the guilt of Jasmine that China has a ban on it. Why did China ban its flower festival named Jasmine festival after all. All this started in February 2011, when there was people's revolution against its diplomatic ruler at Tunisia (North Africa). Tunisia has Jasmine as its national flower. And this common mass revolution against its government was named JASMINE REVOLUTION by international media. This revolution not only had the people of Tunisia overcome its Diplomat ruler Ben Ali, but also led to other revolutions in Egypt and Libya. The result of all this revolutions is known.

During this agitation, the Internet flooded with news and blogs and tweeter started raising people to have peace march holding Jasmine in their hand. Though the people of Tunisia called this revolution Dignity Revolution, it gained fame as Jasmine Revolution world wide.

The China government fearing that people of China will follow the path that Tunisia has shown, led ban on this scented Jasmine. Now, SM S's Internet, even talking and growing Jasmine in China has been banned. However, the farmers who depended on Jasmine cultivation are in loss. And its hard to understand why there was ban on this flower, just because its name was used in the revolution.Nobody, has any answer to the strict ban on use of word Jasmine in China.

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