Thursday, October 13, 2011

My first crochet from old clothes

Hi Readers,

I am posting yet another idea to recycle your old clothes. All this started with my artc and craft teacher in Notre Dame Academy. She mostly used to give us assignments that required recycling our used things. She taught an innovative way to knit a rug out of old nylon Saree. My mom still have that rug which I made yrs back in my 7th Std.

Few, days back I thought of making same rug out my left out clothes. Unfortunately, I didn't found knitting pins.Thered, came to my mind about crochet. I saw few videos and leant, how to mfe double crochet, single chrochet, make a round and also tunisian chrochet.

At first, I tried making a pot holder out of the old cloth by Tunisian crochet. However, I made something wrong, I believe for which it was crumbling from sidesd. Then I planned to modify the same in making a desktop organiser. However, finally I landed up making a hand purse out of it.

Below, is a picture of my first crochet project that I made accidentaly, while trying to make a whole different thing out of it.

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