Monday, October 10, 2011


Hi Readers,

I still remember my sixth std class of art and crafts at Notre Dame Academy, Jamalpur. Our teacher had asked to get the Cross stitch cloth and embroidery threads. I had never seen  before what it looks like the so called cross stitch cloth.

It was my good luck that our landlords daughter knew about it and she helped me in getting it from shop. My mother had no knowledge of cross stitch. I got a beautiful light sea green cloth and few chocolate and sky blue embroidery threads. I hardly had any experience at that time about cross stitch and also the colour combination.

My teacher taught us how to make cross stitch. Though I learnt it, I didn't follow the traditional way to make it. I stitched a simple boarder with three boxes arranged according to their sizes at each corner. I made the boxes with back stitch not the cross stitch. For me my work was good.

But, the day it was time for us to showcase our work in art and craft fest, I was speechless when I saw my friends work. They all had beautiful designs, wonderful colour combination. And as expected, my craft was given the last corner of the room as hardly anyone would take a look at my work after viewing the wonderful work my friends.

I laugh at this incident which had made me sad, though I didn't show anyone my emotion that day. Now, when I learnt from my friend that almost everyone except me had got it done by their Moms. But, literally, I thank my mom for not helping me a single time, when these tasks were given. This helped me a lot in knowing the technique. And, today I thank my teachers and school for teaching me all these wonderful crafts that I don't find time at home to get bored.

These not only keep me busy, but also give me material to write on it. Now, its time for me to write about my cross stitch. I made a table mat with cream colour cross stitch cloth with very vibrant colour combination. The boarder is simple with cupids in all sides blowing love. The middle portion has a diamond with lilac's.

I have also made cushion covers and pot holders with cross stitched top. View them, enjoy and give me your valuable comments.


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