Thursday, October 27, 2011


According to many Hindu Mythological scriptures, during the battle of Maa Durga and Raktabija (Minister of Mahisasura), when Maa Durga tried to pierce him with her trident, his blood would create many more demons like him. In order to kill him, Maa Durga took two forms one is  Maa Chandi and the other which emerged from her head is  Maa MahaKali. Maa Chandi would fight with the Demon Raktabija and Maa Kali took the blood of this Demon in her mouth. Thus, the Demon's that were produced from his blood were immediately killed by Maa MahaKali. Thus, gradually the blood of this demon was taken completely by MahaKali and he was ultimately killed in the hands of Maa Chandi.

Maa Durga and her other incarnations not only killed Raktabija and Mahisasura but also had killed Kantimala, Bidalakhya, Biraghanta and Kaladanda. Thus, these incarnations of Maa had become very ferocious. Earth was filled with Blood by this battle. However, Maa MahaKali was still too violent. She became more and more violent and started to burn the whole world. This made all the deities to come out with a quick solution that could make Maa Mahakali calm down.

All the deities then requested Mahadev Shiva to help them, Shiva then fell in the feet's of Mahakali. When Maa Mahakali's feet landed upon Shiva, she realised her mistake  and she regained her original form.  This violent form of Maa Kali is worshipped in the midnight of Deepavali. This night is also called MahaNisha or Subharatri. Deepvali is considered to be the victory of light over darkness and Knowledge over Ignorance. As in presence of Light, there is no Darkness, same way in presence of Knowledge there cant be Ignorance. Deepavali is marked to celebrate life, happiness and prosperity in each and every house.

This day is also marked as the day when Ram had returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. The Kingdom of Ayodhya had celebrated this by lighting Diya's. This is also the day when Krishna had defeated Narkasura. That day was also celebrated by Villagers in Birdavan by lighting lamps.

---Happy Deepvali to all, May God fill your heart with peace and love for all---

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