Monday, October 10, 2011

Time again for Deepavali and time to give away wonderful gifts.

Hi Readers,

Time is nearing to enjoy yet another wonderful festival, the festival of lights Deepavali. Dewali or Deepavali as its commonly said all over India, is celebrated in every part of India with a different custom and tradition. However, as we say, India has unity in diversity, this festival has a unique common feature that is followed in every corner of India. It is to share our goodies with friends and relatives.

I love to get the awsome gifts, that my parent receive on this occasion. We three sibilling used to divide the chocolates among us and used to enjoy them together. The wonderful gift boxes filled in with chocolates, dry fruits and decorated to give it a awsome look. Last year, I designed a few gift boxes with paper, and acrylic 3D liner paint. I decorated them with beads and designed them in traditional way. The designes mostly resemble the Heena or Mehendi design. This year, I am planning to make such gift boxes again, but not with black colour.

Lets see if I get some awsome idea to decorate these boxes myself and give away the gifts with my personal touch. Anyway, I am posting the images here, to help you in case you are someone who is also planning to give the gifts your personal touch.

Hope you all enjoy the festival of lights and sweets. May god bless you all and make your life filled with lights.



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