Tuesday, September 17, 2013


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Today, is Vishwakarma Puja in short , today is the day of Lord Vishwakarma, the engineer God who made the kingdom of Dwarka for Lord Krishna .He has built Indraprasta the capital of Pandavas. He had made many buildings, weapons according to Indian mythology. I do not know how this day came into existence and from where it was derived that September 17 every year would be celebrated in his remembrance. According to Hinduism we celebrate all the festivals, birthday of all our beloved lords according to the Lunar calendar.

Why we celebrate according to Lunar calendar? Just, because during those time when we suppose our God to have taken human birth, Indian followed Lunar calendar, that determines Tithi(date) according to the movement of Moon. Be it birth of Krishna on Krishna Janmastami that is Krishna Pakshya Astami tithi in Shraavan Masha meaning eighth day of dark fortnight in month of Shraavan ( Aug-sept) . Or the birth of Radha on Radha Aastami ( eighth day of bright fortnight) that falls 15 days after Krishna Janmastami. Similarly, we have Guru Purnima that is birth of Buddha which falls on full moon day of Ashaadh mash (july-aug).

All the festivals for example Vijaya Dashami is on tenth day of Aswin Month (sept-oct). We start the Dussehra puja from first day of Sukla Pakhsya in Aswin month.  Deepavali starts from 13th day of Krishna Pakshya and is celebrated till 2nd day of Sukla Pakhsya. All over India Diwali is celebrated on the Amabasya(no moon day).

However, Vishwakarma Puja in few states including Odisha and Bengal on 17th of September. And this remains constant. Why? If you have faith you can celebrate or worship any god on any day. But, this does not answer the concept how we celebrate other festivals. 17th September in 2013 is on tryodashi (13th day of bright fortnight) and same 17th September 1982 was on Krishna Pakshya Amavasya (no moon day).

Vishwakarma was one of fourteen divine outcome of Samudra Manthan between the Devata's and Aasura's.  In few other state, they celebrate and worship Vishwakarma on Diwali day. So, there is no clear knowledge how this worship came into being and how it was decided that September 17 would be the day when he will be worshiped.

Let however this would have come into existence, today this day is celebrated among the mechanics, craftsmen, factory worker, etcs. Paradip port of Odisha celebrates this in much wider way, setting up beautiful Pandals, Vishwakarma idol and Mela's for public entertainment.

I have posted few pictures of Vishwakarma Puja in Odisha especially Paradip. 

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