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May the kingdom of Bali be established.

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I just read a few articles on Mahabali and Vamana Avatar and I am being curious to find answers to my questions.So, just posting all I know about this and posting my controversial questions too. Mahabali the demon king was a very righteous person. There are many infact who are referred to as demons in our Hindu mythology, demon or Asura but they were very good human beings. Why it is referred to as Asura, is because their origin was from Dravida or from Diti. They are not the Aryans, popularly Aryan Bhramin clan which migrated to India from Iran. This story of Aryan starts with King Yajati as the first Aryan King. You can refer to my previous article " Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of your name?" So, King Mahabali was from this clan and he ruled over present Indian state Kerala.

He was a righteous ruler, in his kingdom there was no poverty. There was no suffering, there was no discrimination on basis of caste or class. Everyone in his kingdom was happy and they all loved their King Bali. Bali was son of Devamba and Virochana. He was the grandson of Prahlad, the well known devotee of Lord Vishnu. Prahlad had nurtured Bali and had instilled on him, strong sense of righteousness, peace and devotion.

He later wanted to expand his kingdom and wanted all the three loks (Martya or Patala lok, Prithivi and Swargalok) under him. He performed Aswamedha Yanjna to enable him power to maintain his rule over all the three worlds.

At this point, Devas being humilated by the defeat from Bali approached their protector Vishnu to get back their kingdom. Vishnu as a dwarf Bhramin boy (Vamana Vishnu Avatar) approached Bali during this Aswamedha Yajna and asked him to give in charity three foot step long land. Bali even though warned by Sukhracharya, promised the disguished Vamana to give him land. Vamana then expanded his body to such an extend that his one step covered both Martya and Prithvi lok ( earth and underworld) together. In his second step Vamana covered heaven or Swargalok. Admitting his defeat, Bali then offered his own head as a stepping stone. Vamana put his third step on Bali's head and forced him to enter Patala lok (underworld).
At this time, Asuras protested and Bali said, all the creation living or dead belongs to the supreme, so he can call anyone anytime. Vishnu was pleased by the devotion of Bali, so he raised him immediately from Patalalok to Suthala (the supreme position in heaven). Also, gave him permission to visit his people and kingdom yearly.

Thus, Balipratipada ( the day after no-moon day or Deepavali Ambasya) is dedicated as the day when Bali visits his kingdom. People of Kerala and Malyali clan celebrate Onam ( welcome ceremony for their beloved King Mahabali). People clean and decorate house, they dress well and preapare all the best dishes at home, as mark of time and reign of King Mahabali. People pray that once this Kaliyug comes to an end and Satya yug starts, the Kingdom of Bali would return. All their grief, sorrow would vanish and they would live happily as in times of King Mahabali.

This story actually attracts controversy. Why was Bali killed by the Supreme God Vishnu when he was righteous, religious and had great devotion and dedication for his fellow men? According to north Indian tradition, where the Arya rules, it is said to be as Bali had become too proud. Anything in excess is not acceptable by the almighty and he wants to make a balance, so he killed Asura King Mahabali. Just to show that being proud of oneself is also not acceptable under being right. But, yes when everyone is imperfect in the Kaliyug, why did King Mahabali had to be taken just because he had grown the sense of proud. It is true being proud is not correct, but why this hard penance for a righteous King like Mahabali. Was it that Indra was afraid of Bali, so being a god it was Vishnu's first duty to protect his fellow Devata but not let the mighty King Mahabali rule? If so then was Vishnu not partial? If God can be partial then what should be expected of others. Why was it afterall that the kingdom Bali was not allwoed to expand. Would not it be a boon to everyone?

I have several questions in my mind. I know all this can be said as going against the religion. But, no I am not against anything, I am just being curious to get the answers. May be someone who has deeper knowledge on this could provide me the right answers. But, where do I search them... Ha Ha.. In the world of fake Gurus, I have no trust left to believe any of them.

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