Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Expect the best.Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.

Hi Readers,

After a very long time, today again I am back with my post. I was out busy with other priorities of life. This year so far has been a fluctuating year for me on every respect. I had set a few expectations and goals for myself. However, for some of my goals life's uncertainity has been my biggest hinderance, and I have set them for a later date. For some other, I am still hopeful, working and giving my time there. I have actively engaged myself in some activities that consume my time.

Its really nice to be busy, learning new things, exploring new things.Few months back I was totally confused and now I am back again with much of hope and enthusiasm to explore. I wonder if everyone has same confusion state like I have sometime. I spend quite a lot of time thinking what would be my prioprity after 5 yrs. Will it be my family or my career? I know from my own experience and from my friends that balancing family and career is the biggest challenge for a woman. Men, I most say are lucky in this repect as by virtue they never have to select anything in this. They never have to give up career for their family. However, for a woman this is the most important thing.

For today's world, though working woman is empowering not only herself but her family. It still remains a big challenge to handle family and career. Some jobs are most suited for women, mostly in fields of education and government jobs, where there is relaxation in terms of mental tension. There is flexibility of dedicating time to work. You are blessed if you work in the city where your extended family stays or you are in your native. This is helpful as you get both moral and physical support from a larger family and friends when you need them. For people like me who stay away in a different city from their native, things become tough. You get very little help from your own extended family as all would be busy in their own life. You also get less help from friends as the number of reliable people decrease in a new place.

There is lot of things written and said about working women, empowering them and helping them balance their personal life with professional. Sometimes, it appears easier said than could be actually executed.What is the solution for such confusion?

I read a news article on confusion( Dwividha) today, when you have more options that leads to more confusion and the responsibility of making the choice increases. Life is by choice, so if you want to achieve higher aspect of life, in an organization, home or in country, then one has to take responsibility. the power of option is available to human beings, where as animals have fewer options. The Tiger has no option of eating flesh or grass. Therefore, we human being are privileged that nature has provided ample options to us. The problem with our generation is that we want everything without any load. We want good results without any effort for it.

Be it a women who wants to merely keep balance between personal and professional life, we need to give in effort. If we want to enjoy the higher aspects of life, somewhere we have to work towards meeting it. Yes, one thing we can always expect the best to come and prepare for the worst of all our life choices. Yes, do not forget to capitalize on what you possess. This three are the essential factors that can give you enormous energy to pass through any difficult phase in life. Once, you have made the choice, there is no control on the result that will come out of it. It could be favorable or not but be responsible enough to accept it. For example, you want to travel from Hyderabad to Delhi, you have choice of flight and train, both these categories again have options to choose from. But, once ticket is booked, you have option to cancel or board. However, once  you board you do not have any other option left till you reach your destination. Accept the result of all your choices.

If you have some money , you have option to either spend whole or save. You have option to partly save and spend. You can save and capitalize, so that it serves you in rainy day or you can spend and enjoy few days. But, whatever is your choice, do not regret when rainy days are in. Instead accept it, learn from it and make a more responsible movement next time.

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