Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Still we complain?

Hi Readers,

Today, I just want to post randomly on whatever crazy things come to me. From yesterday night, I am feeling little uneasy. Its not that I have any problem in my life, but the problem is I think a lot. May be I care a lot sometimes to the height that my care for someone actually is a pain for them. I have tried and changed myself  forcing my views, ideas many a times on others. But, yes I must admit I just can't spare myself thinking and worrying about it. Especially this happens to me for all those whom I love. May be this is common or may be there could be people who would think and worry lesser than I do. But, yes I do.

I just read a blog on God Hanuman and His mother's conversation. That moved me. Anjana(Hanuman's Mom) asked him after the battle between Ram and Ravana got over, and Ram came out victorious.

Anjana said :- Hanuman, you are so mighty that had you swung your tail across Lanka, all the demon's would have finished. Why was it required that you built the Ram Setu and take all the pain of just being with and obeying Ram.

To this Hanuman answered:- It is not my story and besides that no-one asked me to.

I just thought about it, I know the problem and may be I know how to fix it. But, did someone need my help. Why do I need to impose my crazy rule's. But, yes the truth is I am a simple human being, my heart runs errand if I see my people in problem. I just can't stop worrying. I know worry won't make anything and all problems can't be fixed just in few moments. Some time, time and patience is required. Sometimes, you know that people are not in right direction, still you need to let them go strike against a hard wall, and then figure out the right path.

I remember the time, when our parents did not had all the modern gadgets. People used to clean, cook and do everything manually without any help of electronic gadgets, they cooked for us, fed us well and managed to see to it that we are well educated. Now, its our turn, we have help of gadgets to cook, clean and make it faster that too not by using any extra effort. Still, we complain? We can't prepare breakfast for our spouse, we cant make lunch , we have packaged food, ready to eat but still we complain.Why can't we be smarter than our parent, why can't we be faster. But, no we can't why, just because we are here to enjoy our life. Its a kind of non-co-operation movement against our family.

Many families break, many people stay together but have no love, why? Just because we do not want to put in a bit of extra effort. There is always a loud noise of I can't do, I can't take this anymore. This does not happen else where, why me etc...?

But, yes be aware there are few double standard(as I name them) people, they act smart. When you are in a gathering with family and friends, they would say, I do this ...I do that.. But, in real life they won't do anything. When it comes to them, they are always sick or have head ache...LOL The problem is everyone understands them, all know they are selfish but nobody can say anything to them, as it only attracts stupid drama.

Some people are crazy enough to act like they are fool, they don't know what to do and how to do. But, how long will this drama last. Will you be able to fool around always? Or will there be someone with you always to bear you?

What our Hindu mythology says is that, God(be it Hanuman or Ram) as in above context or Krishna as in Mahabharat all knew the end. They could have done it in just few secs but God also let others reveal their own story, make their own path. He allowed others to move errand and slowly and steadily restored peace. Truth always had a victory over False, but it always takes lot of time and energy to reach there.

Be good to yourself and do good to others, that makes happiness spread. Never misuse the freedom , instead utilize that freedom to reach a greater level.

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