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With continuation to my previous post, today, I am going to give you little knowledge of Jamalpur, dist Munger, Bihar.

Jamalpur means beautiful city. Jamal in Urdu means beautiful. This city was set up during British Era. British East India company had established Railway Workshop , which then employed near about 30,000 people to start this workshop. Today, the Indian Railways have their Indian Railway Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. This city gained its popularity with Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop setup during British Raj. The Railway Institute was huge, had its own movie theatre, Swimming pool, billiards room, bowling lawn. People from East India Railway visited this.

Jamalpur is a place where the legacy of the RAJ still lives on, albeit in a more moderate form. Roads still bear names like Albert road, Warwickshire road, golf marg, club road; bearers of the officers club wear white and red turbans. Wednesdays & Saturdays are still tie days'. 
The grave of the British officer who was killed while fighting a tiger in (what is now) the Golf course is symbolic of the days that used to be - adventure, elitism, royalty, power, domination.)

Famous throughout India is the 'Sholay tunnel' , a tunnel where , you guessed it, a scene in the megabuster SHOLAY was shot . Immortal also are actor Sanjeev Kumar's words- "jab main Jamalpur main inspector tha..."

Jamalpur, has many beautiful places, the Kalipahad and Kali Mata temple at top of it. The death valley just near the valley foot hill are really beautiful. Then you can see the grave of Englishmen who died there fighting with Tiger, famously called Tiger grave.

My school, Notre Dame Academy is the oldest school set up at this place by christian Catholic sisters from Cleveland,Ohio, USA in year 1949 ,to help improve the general condition of women and girl of this region. Though later, my school was converted to co-education.  Our school had the tallest building at the place when I used to stay there. We could see over the Kali Pahar and railway over bridge from our class room. 

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