Thursday, September 5, 2013

New altered box from old magazine papers

 Hi Readers,

I have another recycled craft, that is really useful and just requires things lying around in house. I have made this box with an old shoe box and magazine papers. Just you need fevicol or mod podge to stick the papers.

I just rolled each paper to make a pipe and stick gum and then covered the entire lid with it. This gave a really different and cool look. Yes, you can decorate this with rhine stones, ribbons and buttons. I just wanted a simpler looking one so that it does not absorb much dust and would require little or no cleaning effort from my end. This box is really useful for me to store away my crafty items and organize my table. 

Hope you like it . Post your valuable feedback at the comment section, it would be helpful for me to improvise my work.

Thank you.


  1. hey can i build a small house using this paper roll..?? kindly help me..

  2. Definitely Sharmila, you can make many things using these paper rolls. I had made paper stand using it. You have to try it... Let me know if you could make it... Share images if possible.


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