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Today, I finally I am going to write about Munger. Many a times, I wanted to pen down this. But, where should I make a start? Should I start up with my experiences in Munger and Jamalpur in the year 1994-1997 or should I make a start with the rich history of this place which dates back to time of Mahabharat. Sometimes, I felt I can't do justice to it, or may be my post would be too long and run into pages. After, watching few old photos today, I have finally thought of to start with it. Let me make several posts that narrate about this places. So, lets start.

Munger finds its name in Mahabharat as Mod-Giri and was ruled by King Karna. The famous Karna Chaura where after taking bath Karna used to do charity is present in Munger. However, the first historical account of Munger appears with the manuscripts from Huen-Sang, the famous Chinese traveler. Munger was in prominence when Mir Kasim shifted his capital from Mursheedabad in Bengal to Munger. From those time, Munger gained popularity over its gun manufacturing units.  Guns produced at Munger were in demand during First world war. The Gun manufacturing then took shape of cottage industry and became a popular profession of this region.

I am going to post some beautiful and incredible pictures below, that shows the rich history of then India. Below, is old picture of Karna Chaura(the place where Karna after taking bath and worshiping sun God used to perform charity).

Presently, the Bihar School of Yoga( the first Yoga university of India) stands at this place. It has a place where an Akhanda Deepa( forever lighted lamp) is placed. This was the exact place where the mighty King Karna sat and performed charity daily. Below, is few pictures of Bihar School of Yoga.

This is the highest building from where you get a birds eye view of Munger. This Yoga school attracts many foreign students, who dedicate their life to Yogic Shadhana. It is located inside the Munger fort.

Now, coming to Munger fort, it is belived to be build during the reign of Slave dynasty. Mohammad bin Tughlaq ruled over it. The fort has a succession of Muslim followed by Mughal rulers. 
Below, are few pictures of its various gates.

The fort has same structure as any other fort with abyss(Khai) that disconnects the fort from main land. When required the gates would open and form a bridge over the abyss and at the time of war would act as a barrier protecting the King and people inside. 

Few pictures of the abyss (khai).

The Fort houses many significant places. Like the Tomb of Pir Shah Nufa. He was sufi saint who was siant to Munger by his guru Khwaja Mouinuddin Chisti of Ajmer. Below, are few pictures of this Pir which is located adjacent to the south gate.

It has Famous Kastaharni Ghat , where it is believed that if you take bath in Ganges in this ghat, Ganga will take away the sufferings. It has Jagannath Mandir near it. One can see the tunnel made below river Ganga , that was used by the ruling dynasty to shift from Munger to another city across Ganga if they fear being defeated by enemy. The architecture of this tunnel is amazing. Though, when I saw it, it was already broken and river water had filled it. Ganges river is vast, At Kastharni ghat, she is much wider and just looks like a silent ocean. One can not view the other bank of river Ganga with naked eye. It would have taken great effort and skill to make a tunnel under such a mighty river. Below are few pictures of River Ganga at Kastaharni Ghat.

Below, is a picture of Kastharni Ghat from river Ganga.

Below is a picture of Chhat festival at banks of Ganga.

Below, are few pictures of the gate that opens to the underwater tunnel across river Ganga. These tunnels are known as Mir Kasim Tunnel and is presently located in Sri Krishna vatika. 

The fort also houses Gurgin Khan palace which was later used by collector of Munger.

The Fort also has Machli talab, a Shivalaya (Shiva temple) that is made inside a pond which has fishes. 

The fort has Chandi Asthan a famous Shakti Peetha.

The fort also houses Shuja palace now this is being used as a Prison. Below is picture of it.

In Munger, Sita Kund is also vary famous.This place is 4 miles from Munger. This is a natural hot water well. The specialty is that near Sita Kund, Ram kund, lakshman Kund, Bharat kund and Satrughan kund are also located but  they have cold water. You can view the water bubbles only in Sita kund. Below, are few pictures of it.

Below, is a picture of water bubbles in Sita Kund.

Below are pictures of Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Satrughan Kund resepctively.

I do not know if ever I can visit Munger again but definitely it has many things that will never allow one to forget this place. 



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