Thursday, November 3, 2011

Solar Tower for Rio Olympic

Brazil is the next host of Olympic 2016. Brazil has already started to prepare its city Rio De Janeiro to host this event. Whenever any big event like Olympic is organised, special care is taken to check the availability of electricity. Electricity is the most important factor in organising a event, and without it nothing can go on smoothly. Hence, before the commencement of Olympic, Brazil government has decided to use water and solar power.Brazil government has confirmed that they are not going to adapt any method that will lead to pollution.

The construction has already started for the Solar tower at Cottonduba Island near Rio De Janeiro, this tower has two features that will enable to provide enough electricity to host first ever Carbon free Olympic. It has solar terminals that will provide power during the daytime and a large man made waterfall that will be able to supply power in night.

It will not only supply power to Olympic event but also will be efficient to supply power to the entire city of Rio De Janeiro. Brazil is sending a message to the whole world to think of alternatives post petroleum era. Switzerland's RA FAA  has taken this project into their hand. The tower design is made in such a format that it will enable to perform many task at a time. The tower has amphitheater,indoor stadium and a market complex. It will also have a cafeteria located near the Waterfall to give a magnificent view.

Cottonduba Island is the mandatory approach for aircraft landing. Thus, this Solar tower will seek to become a symbol for those arriving Rio by Air or Sea.

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