Friday, February 11, 2011

Wishing Birthday to the man who spread light in our life!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Google for displaying the doodle, that reminded me of Thomas Alva Edison.

Thomas Alva Edison was born on 11th Feb 1987. Thomas Alva Edison was called Alva or Al by his family. As a child he was very curious by nature. He kept asking questions. Even his mother who used to be school teacher,could not answer. He would experiment to find the answers. Once, he sat on egg himself trying to hatch egg. He would experiment and cause many accidents. However, he never gave up experimenting and leaving any question unanswered.

His teacher was overheard calling him "addled", that brought an end to his 3 months of formal education. He was taught by his mother.

He went to work at age of 12. He sold newspaper and candy in local train. When he used to get spare time in train,he used to experiment in the baggage car. Once, some accident happened in the train because of his experiment and he was thrown out of train.He became nearly deaf after this accident.

Then he worked as a telegraph operator. He worked in night shifts so that he could experiment and read in daytime. He was fired from this job, when another experiment caused accident in the office.

When he was 22 years old he went to New York. He only had $1 in his pocket. He hunted for a job during the day, and at night he slept in the basement of a gold company. He watched everything around him very closely. Some equipment broke down and Edison was able to fix it because he had been watching it work before he went to sleep each night. The owners gave him a job. He improved the machine so much the company paid him $40,000 for his invention. He started the American Telegraph Works in New Jersey.
He built a laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey. It was here with his employees he made many of his inventions. He would work night after night, and sometimes he would fall asleep at his workbench. His wife wouldn't see him for days at a time.
He and his team worked to make a light bulb which would burn for a long time without burning out. They tried 1,500 materials and nothing worked well. Finally he tried a new material in the filament that burned nearly 200 hours.
After he had made the light bulb, he worked to make a power system so people could use the bulb. In 1882 he flipped a switch and 85 houses in New York City had electric lights for the first time.
Thomas Edison was probably the world's greatest inventor. He had a patent on 1,093 inventions. In addition to the electric light, he also invented the phonograph , a camera to take motion pictures, a cement mixer, the automatic telegraph, and he improved Alexander Graham Bell's telephone.

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