Monday, February 7, 2011

Critic's and Criticism

To start with an original sentence, I have no good topic today to put forward my thoughts. Few days back an old friend of mine suggested me to put my thoughts about the criticism and critics that I have met so far. However, I am not someone who thinks of revenge and is revengeful. It will be like criticising a critic about his/her art. Artists never think of critics and critics never bother how artist react to it.

Now, coming to the point what I think about criticism. People criticise you on two things, when you are successful and when you are a failure. They don't criticise someone who does not make any attempt. If you are so much worried about, society, criticism , then just answer to yourself one question. Is there someone who will come to help you when you are in need? If still you value them then answer yourself who was standing with you when you broke down with tears.The people who put forward their views with respect to society never will come to wipe your tears,but will condemn and criticise each and every action of yours in the name of society.

Criticism is an indirect act of Self-boasting. When people criticise they think they are better than you. Had they been better than you, they would never require to criticise. It hurts when your near and dear ones criticise. When they do it, you see the real politics of life in them. They become silent when they had to put a step forward and stand with you, yet they leave not a single chance to criticise you for your decision and action.

My answer to all criticism is simple, come wear my shoes and walk, and tell me what would have been your decision? Critic's never have full knowledge, and half hazard knowledge of anything will never give the right decision.

When you pass through bad phase of life, even sincere advise sometimes appear as criticism. You need to have patience to see the depth meaning of people who care. Sometimes, the people who don't walk by you, does not necessarily mean don't love you anymore. Its just the fact that they don't have what you need at the moment, however they still love you. They might not express their love,trust or concern for you, but that don't mean they have stopped caring for you.

I most conclude with one thing, sometimes criticism really helps. Believe me, it gives you the boost that you require to keep going. So, Instead of thinking who will criticise or how this society will react, do what is right, and humanitarian. And most importantly, the older generation always criticises and condemns the younger one's, forgetting the fact that they have raised them. Older generation always compels you to be bound to their decision, they emotionally blackmail you, sometime just because they have insecurity complex. But, your desire and passion should not be obstructed by some one's insecurity feeling.

Stand for your own decision, and don't feel let down by criticism. After all, you have your mind and decision making capacity to make the right choice for you.

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