Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two Tales from Ramayana

Two tales from Ramayan :-
1-      This story is from Sundar kanda, when Hanuman goes to Lanka in search of Sita. After, meeting Sita in the Ashoka Vatika, when Hanuman convinced her about his visit as the messenger of Ram. Hanuman pleads to Sita to go with him. However, Sita denies accompanying Hanuman.  When she gave her message for Ram, Hanuman asks her to give something as a token to identify that Hanuman really met her. Sita gives this story as a token of remembrance.

Once while roaming in the forest, Ram and Sita with Lakshman came near a spring. While washing her face and legs, one cruel crow started tormenting Sita. It started to poke Sita. Sita somehow managed to escape the crow and then slept in lap of Ram. While she was asleep, the crow again started poking and this time it badly hurt Sita and she eventually started bleeding. Ram was awakened by the blood of Sita. On seeing Sita bleeding, he threw a glass blade (dhub grass) towards the crow. He infused mantras and made the grass blade as the Bhrama Astra. That grass blade then followed the crow and was about to kill it, that the crow surrendered to Ram and pleaded for mercy. Ram hearing his mercy told that he cannot take Bhrama Astra back , however can reduce its intensity. Then the crow reluctantly offered one eye of it’s, instead of his life. On command of Ram the glass blade destroyed its right eye.
Sita asks Hanuman to say, “Oh Ram! How can you leave Ravan who has taken me away from you, when you could not tolerate crow poking on me? You applied Bhrama Astra on the crow and you are not making enough efforts now to take me from this cruel Ravan. Please come soon and rescue me from this demon, or else I will give up my life in one month.“

2- One day during her childhood Sita was playing in a garden with Her friends, She saw a parrot couple.

They were talking like this, "There will be a king named Ram on this earth. His wife's name will be Sita. He will rule for 11,000 years along with Sita. Blessed are Ram and Janaki who will enjoy each others company." 

Sita got curious hearing Her name and Her future, so She thought, "Let me ask something more about my future." So She asked Her friends to catch those birds. Her friends brought those birds to Her.
SitaSita? How do you know about them? Tell me everything."
The birds said - "There is a Rishi named Valmeeki who is regarded very high. We live in his Aashram only. He has written a big book named "Ramayan" which seems very dear to him. He always reads the couplets of that book. We have heard it in full and since we hear it always, we also remember it. Now you listen to about Ram, and Sita and the events about their lives. By the help of Rishyashring Muni's Putreshti Yagya, Vishnu will appear in four forms - Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn. Ram will come to Mithila along with His brother Lakshman and Vishwaamitra. He will break the bow which will be very difficult to break, and marry the beautiful daughter of Janak - Sita. We have told you everything, now you please free us."
Sita again asked them - "Where will be Raam? Whose son He will be? How will He look like?"
Hearing this the she-parrot knew that She was Sita. She fell onto Her feet and said she parrot- "He will be like lotus bud. In fact who has hundred mouths, even he cannot describe His beauty, who am I to describe it? Blessed is Sita who will enjoy with Ram for thousands of years. But who are you? What is your name who is asking about Ram with so much curiosity?"
Sita said telling them about Her birth - "Whoever Sita you are talking about, She is me. When Ram will come here and accept me, then only I will free you. Now you live in my house and eat sweet things."
Hearing this the she-parrot said - "Janaki, We are the birds of forests, we live on trees and wander around. How we will be happy in your house? I am pregnant. Let me go and deliver my babies, then I will come back to you."
But Sita didn't free her. He-parrot requested Her to free his wife but Sita told him to go leaving his wife there only. Hearing this the he-parrot got sad and said
he parrot- "Whatever Yogee say, that is correct, that one should be silent and should not say anything to anybody, otherwise he is bound to his words. If we did not talk like this here, then why we should have been caught here. It would have been better if we were quiet."
He again requested Sita to free his wife but She didn't free her. Then the she-parrot gave Her Shaap - "As you are separating me from my husband at the time of my pregnancy, in the same way you will also be separated from Ram at the time of your pregnancy." And she died with sorrow of the separation of her husband. Since she died talking about Ram, a Divine Vimaan came to take her. After the death of his wife, the parrot said
he parrot- "I will take birth in Ayodhya and Ram will separate you by my words only." And off he flew.
Because he insulted Sita in sorrow and anger, he was born as a washerman. Whoever dies saying bad words about great people, even if he is the highest Brahman, he is born in lower class beings, that is why he was born as a washerman. Because of that washerman, Sita got separated from Ram at the time of Her pregnancy.

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