Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Saturn - The Shani dev "

Today, I was reading some articles on Astrology. I was struck by an article about Saturn. The writer is a famous astrologer. Well, I am not going to make any copy of his article. But, yes his view points and understanding the subject was something that I really admire.

Let me now interpret the same thing as best as I can do to help my readers know about Saturn with respect to astrology.

Saturn is depicted as a hunchback person with a crippled leg. He is too dark and rides a crow. Saturn thus symbolises "MISERY" and "DARKNESS". Here, the Misery is not about wealth. Its about Time. His main principle is to make an individual time bound. The most biggest side effect of this restriction is old age, disease and death.

Its associated with darkness, dim or shadow. He is exact opposite to Sun which depicts light. Sun is associated with Authority. And Satern reduces that by bounding it to time.

The restrictions and boundary of time makes us feel miser. So, when you try to understand the effect of Saturn in your own life, then ask yourself "what makes you feel miserable?". Most of the time the Saturn will be associated with this.

The ultimate misery comes with ultimate limitation : the time. Saturn deals mostly with the most difficult subject. Thus, saturn is assoicated with endurance,perservance and tenacity.Saturn is lonely,cold, misunderstood and spiteful.

If you treat Saturn the sameway, that is by hating your limitations and boundaries, hating the limitation that time gives you that is old age, disease or death, then Saturn will start hating you and will be spitefull towards you.

Saturn by imposing limitation of time tries to drag you more towards realism. It makes you to accept the reality than trying to avoid it all together.  Take for example a person buy a lottery ticket and by being optimistic thinks that he will win it. Then Saturn says, there are many hundreds along with you who want the same lottery. So, there is fare chance that you won't win it. Thus, Saturn makes you more realistic. Often, this is misunderstood of being pessimistic. However, pessimism is realism taken into an unhealthy extend.

Saturn also makes one critical. Criticism is unhealthy when you loose friends and oppertunities for being overly critical. However, criticism in best spirit can give you the right job at right time. When Saturn is well placed in one's horoscope, it makes the individual critical about oneself. He gives the ability to get good jobs for you and earn new friends. However, when Saturn is in malefic in one's horoscope, it gives opposite results, thus the person looses important jobs and friends for being overly critical.

In many forms Saturn and Jupiter are fairly oppostite. Jupiter gives the power to be opptimistic and Saturn is pessimistic. Saturn limits and restricts things and Jupiter enhances healthy growth. Saturn is critical and Jupiter is encouraging.

Being oppostite also has something in common due to which they attract each other. What is the common thing between them? They both want to keep our passion(Mars) within our scope. They pull us to make us understand ourself better and thus proceed in the path of attaining enlightment.

Jupiter does so by encouraging us to do better and rewarding us for our good deeds. And Saturn punishes us for our mistakes and for holding on to the same. It limits us from doing wrong.

Many a times people associate Saturn with Authority and Discipline. However, Authority is the virtue of Sun. Saturn is the effect of Authority as limitation and restriction. It is here that it acts as shadow of Sun.

All the planets contribute towards making us discipline in different ways. Jupiter makes us disciplined by establishing laws. Saturn defines limitations and restrictions, thus dictating a code of law. Sun and Mars also contribute towards discipline. Sun being the authority and Mars giving the energy to punish those who disobey.

Saturn's task are awful,brutal and thankless. Only the truely strongest of planet could do this forever. Saturn therefore bestows "Strength". Not the physical strength of Mars and not the sensual strength of Venus, but the strength to stand all odds.Thus, Saturn gives us ability to survive the impossible.

When Saturn is well placed in our horoscope it gives us longevity,the ability to defy old age, the ability to stand all odds, the ability to face insults and oppostion.

However, a malefic Saturn makes everything in life hard, you feel draged to perform the daily chores and you loose interest in performing your duty.

If we hate the things associated with Saturn like the old age, disease or death, the more that hates us. And thus the person who hates old age gets the more negative old age.

Saturn also tries to make us more detached to worldly matters and material objects. When we detach ourself from these means becoming less selfish. When we detach ourself from pleasing just ourself, then Saturn rewards us with endurance and tenacity. It gives us the thing that we least desire.

Saturn can bless you to have the positive side of everything that he has. He can extend your lifespan, remove limitations, improve your health, make you satisfied and happy in your daily life. Make you detached from misery and give insight to realism. On the otherhand, if you hate Saturn, it will give an hell treatment to you.

   Ohm! Sanischaraya Namah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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