Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guru's three gifts

Once upon a time, there was a boy who stayed near a Saint. He was inspired by the saint. He thought to himself that if he continues to stay near the saint, his life will be enlightened and he will become a better person everyday. Thinking thus, he started to stay with the saint. He carefully listened to all the preaches that the saint used to give.

One day, the saint wanted to go to Himalaya. So, he called upon the boy. And before leaving the place, he gave him three things.

1- needle
2- wax candle
3- a strand of hair.

The boy accepted the gift from his Guru. However, he looked surprised and puzzled. The Guru then told that these are three things that will guide you in life and will make you successful. Hearing this the boy was confused,as he did not realise what to do with them.

Knowing,that the boy did not understood the meaning of these gifts, Guru explained him in detail about the gift and its significance in life.

Needle is an object which is used to join things. He wanted to tell his beloved student that "Be like a needle and be involved in joining people, never get involved in things that separates people."Needle represents creation not destruction. Here the Guru implied to be part of creating happiness and tranquility and advised his disciple not to be part of something that hampers mankind and leads to destruction.

During the creation of world, in Hindu mythology, we believe the Gods and Demon's together had churned the ocean with Mount Mandara. At that time both Poison and Nectar to Immortality appeared. If you want to spread peace and tranquility, you need to drink the Poison yourself and let others drink the nectar like Lord Shiva. Same way, a candle represents one who constantly burns himself to spread light of hope and happiness. Here, the Saint advised his disciple, to have patience and courage to burn his own interest to spread happiness. He wanted him to sow the seeds of happiness and peace in other people's life, irrespective of loosing his own happiness.

Hair represents softness,flexibility and humbleness. The Guru wanted him to be humble. To be soft and speak always words of softness. According to the Guru, one can win over all enemies by being polite and humble. Hair is soft, smooth yet robust, so it never breaks. He advised not to be brittle that you break before reaching your goal.

In this way, the Guru interpreted that by being humble and soft you can easily win over enemies. And patience is the key to happiness and peace. Without patience even the best of warrior can never win. Never get disheartened and stop yourself from moving towards peace and tranquility.

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