Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why we read "Srimad Bhagwat Gita" ?

Have you ever wondered why in every religion there is some sacred book. In Hinduism its "Srimad bhagwat gita, the Ramayana, Vedas,Upanishads,Sai Sadchartra and many more. Similarly, Christianity has The Holy Bible, Islam has The Koran and so on. The priest in every religion advise us to follow these books. They say us it will purify our thoughts and give us serenity and make us calm and composed.

Here I am going to describe a story of a Grand Pa with his Grand son, in which The Grand Pa teaches his grandson the significance of reading Holy Scripture day in and day out. Please read full, I am sure you will love this simple yet beautiful way of the author to describe it to a five year old.

There was a little boy of the age five who used follow is Grand Pa in every act. His Grandpa had a habit of reading the Holy scripture daily. The little boy started to follow him in this. He kept reading the Srimad Bhagwat Gita which is written in Sanskrit. Though he never got a single word of the book, he kept reading it for sometime.

One fine morning, when he saw his Grandpa reading it with devotion, he asked "I don't understand a single word in this book. Then what is the use of reading it?"

His Grandpa after finishing his portion, took a bucket which was used to keep charcoals.This bucket had few holes at its bottom . And told the little boy to fetch some water from the near by river,and promised him that he will answer his query once he gets the water.The boy went reluctantly to the river and filled the bucket.By the time he reached home, all the water had flown.

The boy told his Grandpa that it has holes so he can't get water in it. The Grandpa replied that if you can run faster than the time by which water will flow out of the outlet then you can fetch water in that bucket. So, he asked him to run faster. The boy again tried but, no result as before. The process went on for few times before the boy finally gave up.

At this point the Grandpa asked the small boy to look into the bucket and say what changes he can see. The boy replied the bucket looks cleaner than before. To this his Grandpa answered, similar to this if you read any Holy scripture without understanding, you might not get the summary but your soul will get purified. So, even if you do not understand the scripture, never worry keep your faith and trust and read it regularly.It will definitely help you.

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