Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I want Peace?

"I want Peace.",this is what one of my friend answered when I asked , "why you are looking for new job". I had heard people looking for job change for job satisfaction or for money. However, someone seeking peace wants new job was something, I happened to hear for the first time. There must be something, which I don't know and did not had courage enough to ask.However, this line made me to think about Peace.

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. "
---Mother Teresa

What and how we define Peace?If you search for the meaning, it is absence of war and other hostilities. Peace is having harmonious relationship without any disagreement. Might be this is what my friend wanted to say. However, for a while the statement made me to think what he really wants to get.

Well, today I do not want to discuss the statement made or give any advise. I believe nobody is ignorant about getting or having peace. I just want to say something about my personal experience which might help someone get Peace.

In my school days, the sister's often used to ask us to bring old clothes. So, that they can donate these used clothes to someone who is in need. In those time almost everyone in my class used to donate clothes. We also donated old books to the poor students. Last year along with some of my good friends, we decided to celebrate Dasharra in an innovative way. We prepared Puri, Chole and Suji ka Halwa on MahaNavami. And went to near by Durga temple. We distributed these among poor and destitute. That day, we all were very happy, as it satisfied our inner self. We got so motivated by this that, we took a vow on the same day to distribute food made by us once again. And after few weeks, we again did that. I have many friends who donate to orphanages regularly. I had a colleague who used to visit orphanages regularly and teach the inmates. Last year, one of my friend on his birthday distributed his birthday cakes among cab drivers.

Yes, its true in this busy life we hardly get time to do such things. But, if you really have aim to achieve Peace, then it hardly takes time to start charity. Its not that you have to offer money always. And I believe its not good to offer money to young children. Its better to give eatables instead. Not that you need to buy them a full meal. However, give them chocolate or biscuits sometime. Watch these street children,how happy they are to receive this. They don't have the privilege to buy or taste chocolates like us. And they long for it. Try it sometime if you want to see happiness and get peace.

Please put forward your ideas.I would also like to learn new ways to generate happiness and Peace. Your feedback is essential for me to keep writing. Please keep giving your inputs.

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