Friday, December 3, 2010

A poem written by a student of Class X that touched my heart---- Building castels in the air

Once,when I was daydreaming.I built a big castle in the air,
That would oviously make everyone stare.
It was built of beautiful red sandstone,
In sunlight and moonlight it dazzled and shone.
It had shining curtains made of silk,
And I was always given a golden cup of milk.
It had marvellous gardens, with apples and ferns.
Millions of human eyes were dazzled by my castle,
Its popularity was more than Pele of Brazil!
But, suddenly,an earthquake broke my castle down,
And its popularity waned in the surrounding town.
People began to gossip,
And also began to mock.
So, dont build castles in the air,
People know to praise as well as to mock - beware!

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